Check out the annual gym sale at Sweatbox

Sweatbox is the Boyz Award-winning sauna and gym located just off Oxford Street in the middle of the West End. It’s open 24 hours, seven days a week and right now has its amazing annual sale on where you can get a full year’s membership for just £350. Dave Cross spoke to co-owner Jason Ford to get the whole deal.

Hi Jason, Sweatbox has its annual gym sale on at the moment, so what’s the deal and what do people get for their money?

The offer is £350 for one year’s peak membership, which is over 50% off the regular price. It guarantees members 100% access to both the gym and sauna seven days a week.

Can you describe what the gym facilities are at Sweatbox?

A lot of people assume because we are a gym and a sauna, that we aren’t a ‘real’ gym. We’ve all seen those same three pieces of dusty gym equipment in the corner of some sauna on holiday and wondered has anyone ever used them? But actually Sweatbox is a fully functioning gym, with all of the cardio, free weights and resistance machines you would expect. We’re not the biggest gym, but because of our size you won’t have to wait to get on that running track, like you might at some of the larger gym chains.

And what’s the atmosphere like at Sweatbox?

Our members are a special bunch of people and they are what has always helped to separate Sweatbox from other facilities. Because we offer memberships, people get to know each other and form friendships. And that makes it easier when you are looking for a gym buddy after that initial January buzz wears off and you’re thinking, I can’t be bothered going to the gym this morning.

What about trainers and people to give you advice? 

We don’t have personal trainers on staff, but people are welcome to bring their own with them for the standard entry price and there are a few trainers who we work with, that we can recommend to prospective clients. Most of our members are people who know their routine and are familiar with the machines already.

What about if someone wants to change gyms to Sweatbox, and already know what they are doing etc? 

If you’re looking to change gyms, drop by and we’d be happy to show you the facilities, so that you can get an idea of the space and if Sweatbox is the right fit for you. Even better, if you’d like to try the facilities out for a session, we will refund the cost of your 24 hour pass from your membership, if you choose to join!

If someone buys the sale package can they use the other facilities as well? 

Yes, of course! One of the perks of membership is access to the sauna 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

What advice can you give to someone who wants to get in shape in 2018?

So many people start off January with these unrealistic expectations of themselves. They rush out and join a gym, do two hours of cardio every day for a week to get rid of that Xmas weight and then wake up one day aching all over and think, well this isn’t worth it. Be realistic about your goals. It’s not a race. Take your time. Get some proper advice on your routine. And remember it takes at least six weeks before you will start to notice results.

Sweatbox, Ramillies House, 1-2 Ramillies Street, Soho, W1. 

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