The Prince and the Lady: Jason Prince and Lady Bee team up with Do You Wanna Funk

Scene star Jason Prince has worked with the likes of Angie Brown and Cilla Black, and now he’s teamed up with Lady Bee to release Sylvester song Do You Wanna Funk. He’s got a load more cooking too, as he explains below.

Hi Jason, who are the Klubkidz?

We started life as a group of friends hosting house parties. We then moved our parties from our houses into London’s clubland and our singers and DJs came with us. This led onto our DJs and singers producing music with us in the studio and we have been lucky enough to release a string of dance singles and albums with various record companies over the past ten years. We now have our own full recording studio and TV studio and we are about to launch our own label.

You’ve worked with some amazing people, but we have to ask: Cilla Black…

I was resident DJ for Orange Group with James Hurr and we had a message from Cilla Black’s manager asking us to make a dance track with Cilla as a bonus track for her greatest hits album The Definitive Collection. EMI loved the track Beautiful Goodbye (Klubkidz mix) and it became the most downloaded track on her album helping to put it into the top 20 album chart. I became quite friendly with Cilla after that and was invited to watch her film a few TV shows where she did a shout out for Klubkidz! Our track has since been featured on five more of Cilla’s compilation albums. I also later wrote a big ballad for Cilla, The Best Is Yet To Come, but sadly she never got to record it. It was later recorded by Allan Jay as a tribute for the bereavement charity Cruise. The single reached number two in the iTunes vocal chart.

And you’ve put out many successful albums too…

I love putting together and producing compilation albums with different artists. My favourite is our Forever Bond album, which went platinum. It featured house and dance mixes of Bond themes performed by my favourite divas Angie Brown, Kelly Llorenna, Soraya Vivian, Kelly Wilde and Hannah Jones.

I also produced Klubkidz Eurovision Songbook with Nik C featuring artists performing dance versions of their favourite Eurovision songs. For example, Scooch recorded Making Your Mind Up and Tight Fit recorded Save Your Kisses for Me.

Your latest single is a cover of the Sylvester song Do You Wanna Funk – why did you choose this song?

Scott Houzet Loves Sylvester and he produced the track with us. Matt Waterhouse and Cutmore love the original too and helped us put remix package together, and Almighty Records signed it as soon as they heard it. Plus it is perfect for Lady Bee image and she looks fantastic in the video

What’s next for Klubkidz?

We are writing the new album for Rozalla (Everybody’s Free). We have also written a new single for Therese (Put ‘Em High) and also Lana Pillay.

Plus we have written and produced the new ‘50 years legal’ single with Four Poofs and a Piano star David Roper. I was a co-star in the Simon Napier-Bell movie this year and with Simon’s blessing we have written the song Love Is The Only Law. We are linking with the Albert Kennedy Trust and have a whole host of stars coming to record the single and video including June Brown MBE, Jaymi Hensley (Union J), Sam Fox and Marcus Collins. We’re also starting a London talent search, Klubkidz Kasting Kouch, to find some new young talented artists, and we have a reality TV show being made about us by top London TV company Mighty Productions. We are reality ready!

5 minutes with Lady Bee

Hello Lady Bee, tell us a bit of your history in singing and performing.

I always loved singing but I’d never done it professionally until now. I always loved anything to do with music, poetry, books, films, theatre and dancing. I’ve always been creative. I guess my singing career started last year when I met producer Scotty H through a friend in common. We immediately become friends and he said to me one day we need to make a track!

Where are you from?

I’m French and my origins are from East Africa. I was born in France, grew up in Italy until the age of 12, then we moved to Egypt for two years before going back to France for good.

I’ve lived in London for over ten years now and I love this city and its people. This is definitely my home now.

Did you already know the Sylvester song?

No, I knew Sylvester but I wasn’t familiar with Do You Wanna Funk, which I think is a fantastic track.

What else have you got coming up? 

Music-wise I have three single coming up: Do You Wanna Funk, which is out today; Don’t Leave Me This Way; and the legendary You Make Me Feel Mighty Real. I’m also involved with the Outside Edge Theatre Company where I pursue my playwriting group and stage acting group. And last but not least I’m working on my original album where I wrote most of my songs and co-wrote some with KlubKdz who produced the backing tracks.

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