Golden Girls: A Musical is at the Two Brewers

This week the Two Brewers is being transported to Florida in the early 90s when a cast including Mrs Moore, Rose Garden, Tanya Hyde and Stephanie Von Clitz take on arguably the greatest sitcom of all time in Golden Girls – A Musical. We asked our roving reporter Tia Kofi, from the Vixens, who also happens to be the producer of this extravaganza to find out more.

Tia: Hi girls! Can you tell me a bit about Golden Girls: A Musical! What’s it all about?

Rose Garden: It’s Golden Girls but with music…

Tanya: It’s a stage version of the hilarious sitcom from the 80s and 90s, which we’ve based on one of our favourite episodes.

Tia: Which episode is the stage version based on?

Tanya: It’s Goodbye Mr Gordon. Season Seven, episode 15. The episode is from 1992. Google it. You’ll find I’m correct.

Mrs Moore: This episode tells the tale of Dorothy’s high school crush. We don’t want to give too much away. Dorothy has a reunion with her high school teacher. In this episode, Sophia is…

Rose: She’s a c*nt.

Mrs Moore: Sophia is very caring. She’s trying to make sure her daughter doesn’t get taken advantage of like she did in high school. I’ve got to pretend to care about Rose Garden.

Rose: That’s acting.

Tia: Rose, how did we come up with the songs from the show?

Rose: The songs came from the workshop process. We chose songs that slotted into the story. We wanted them to be recognisable and for people to identify with them.

Tanya: It was about what would your character naturally sing.

Steph: The songs have come from well known shows/artists that relate to each character’s experiences or sum up who they are.

Tanya: Yes it’s about what song would sum up you character in that moment.

Rose: Is there a song called c*nt?

Tanya: No but I shall write one.

Rose gets distracted by the football team entering the Brewers. One of them starts doing squats and lunges on the stage. The interview is paused for several minutes…

Tia: For those who don’t know the TV show, could you describe all of your characters?

Mrs Moore: All I need to say is, “Picture it, Sicily 1922”.

Rose: Dorothy is a strong independent woman just like me in real life.

Tanya: Blanche is…

Mrs Moore: A SLUT!

Tanya:…self-absorbed, sexual, self-assured. She knows she is the most attractive and she doesn’t want to grow old like these lot!

Steph: I’m playing Rose Nyland, a simple minded girl from St Olaf, Minnesota. She’s something of a pushover and rarely stands up for herself.

Tia: Has it been odd for you performing as part of a group of drag queens? I have no idea what that would be like…

Mrs Moore: It’s been an honour and a privilege.

Rose: As a professional, it’s been nice to give these amateurs a chance.

Tanya: We all get on as friends, so there’s been a real mutual respect for each other. Or at least that’s what my therapist says I should say.

Rose: I am contracted. Therefore I have to. But it has been a real joy.

Tanya: I might cry on the last night!

Rose: I don’t think I’ve had a better experience in a show.

Tanya: We’ve had marvellous direction from Mark aka Dixie of the Vixens.

Tia: And I’m sure your producer (me) has also been incredible…

An awkward silence…

Tia: So anyway, tell me about what the Golden Girls really means to you.

Rose: Queens would be reciting lines from the show. They were like four gay men living together, which is why it’s appropriate for four gay men to bring them back to life in our show!

Tanya: It was the original Sex and the City. I wasn’t old enough to remember the original. I remember once, my ex-boyfriend had season three delivered…

Rose: You had a boyfriend?!

Tanya: Yes. We were watching season three in bed. I remember Rose walking in and saying “Hi Sophia! What are you doing?” And she replied, “Shut up, Rose. I’m levitating.”

Mrs Moore: It was the first sitcom that had four strong female leads. Golden Girls is one of those sitcoms that had stood the test of time and people still know the quotes.

Steph: I had never watched the TV show until I got cast but I’m thoroughly enjoying this experience.

Tanya: The reaction has been phenomenal. So many people are wanting to come and see it, which shows how loved the Golden Girls really are!

Rose: And it’s only taken a year to make it happen.

Tia: Sorry.

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