Enjoy your weekend at the Two Brewers

The Clapham cabaret mothership aka the Two Brewers has another all singing, all dancing  and most certainly all laughing weekend ahead. Here’ a look at what’s coming at’cha!

Lola Lasagne

Thursday 7 September, 5pm – 3am 

Her name is Lola and she’s most definitely a showgirl. The hilarious Ms Lasagne will be unleashing that razor sharp wit along with a handful of big songs in the Cabaret Bar along with DJ Liam Chaplin.

Rose Garden and Enriched

Friday 8 September, 5pm – 4am 

In the Cabaret Bar it’s that shy retiring wall flower… Oh no wait, it’s not, it’s Rose Garden. She’s a bit mad, a lot bad and if you cross her most certainly dangerous to know and we love her. In the Club Bar the boys from Enriched are back with DJs Rich B and Phil Marriott spinning the uplifting funky house tunes. 

Miss Thunderpussy

Saturday 9 September, 5pm – 4am 

This Saturday the marvellous and possibly bonkers Miss Thunderpussy will be entertaining the troops in the Cabaret Bar while DJ Demon is on knob twiddling duties. In the pumping Club Bar it will be that saucy chap Chris Brogan laying down the beats.

The Power of Three

Sunday 11 September, 5pm – 2am 

The Power of Three is what Sundays were made for. You get three amazing, dare we say legendary cabaret stars doing what they do best. Miss Jason, Mary Mac and Sandra all wrapped up with the Boyz Award-winning DJ Demon.

The Two Brewers, 114 Clapham High Street, SW4.

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