Bank holiday weekend at the Two Brewers

The Two Brewers is London’s cabaret mothership and this August Bank Holiday weekend they have another action packed selection covering everything you could want. Here’s a sneak peek.

Titti La Camp

Thursday 24 August, 5pm – 3am

The always brilliant and always bonkers Titti La Camp showcases what lip-sync is really all about.

Snatch Ball with Tracy Barlow

Friday 25 August, 5pm – 4am 

Ball is the monthly club night from those bad boys at London Titans and this month they have invited Drag Idol champion Tracy Barlow to host their own version of Snatch Game from that drag TV show. Tracy told us: “‘What’s that you say? We’re serving SNATCH at the Two Brewers? Heaven forbid! Well, haway then ya daft buggers get yourselves doon to Clapham on the 25th for probably the funniest night of ya lives. I was very excited when I was asked to host the Snatch Ball, and by ‘asked’ I mean I begged them. Are you ready to see Tracy Barlow serve the snatch? Didn’t think so.”

Cassidy Connors

Saturday 26 August, 5pm – 4am 

The always hilarious and quite often outrageous Cassidy Connors will be leading you through a selection of her favourite tunes with DJ Demon on knob duty while in the Club Bar it’s Chris Brogan.

The Power of Three extended

Sunday 27  August, 5pm – 4am 

For bank holiday Sunday you get cabaret shenanigans from Miss Jason, Mary Mac, Sandra and DJ Demon in the Cabaret Bar while in the Club it’s DJs Chris Brogan and Moto Blanco Open extra late.

The Power of Three LFB fundraiser

Bank Holiday Monday 28, 5pm to late

The Brewers asked Jason, Mary and Sandra if they’d like to do something for a group of firemen and nearly got crushed in the response. Your Power of Three girls are back with Demon and Mrs Moore to raise cash for the London Fire Brigade.

The Two Brewers, 114 Clapham High Street, SW4.

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