ALL THAT at the Lion and Unicorn Theatre: Review by Stephen Vowles

Shaun Kitchener’s play ALL THAT is a witty, laugh out loud comedy of manners that reminded me of those TV sitcoms of the 1980s that came with an air of sophistication which enabled lesser mortals to yearn for a step up the social ladder. Here is a very funny evaluation and examination of class. Temptation rears its ugly head in the wonderful and perfect world of Taylor – played by Shaun – and that of his partner played by James Robert-Moore as perfect gentlemen Riley, but suddenly everything comes crashing down.

They have purchased a house in Zone 2 which they are now struggling to pay for so as a remedy for their financial troubles they decide to rent out their spare room. Enter Christopher Cohen as Parker who is hilarious and Tom Bovington as Jamie who are in an open relationship with strict rules that they both adhere too. This is a wonderful study in the definition of the word monogamy woven into a script which showcases Kitchener’s wordsmith skills and director Jamie Rose-Monk’s total understanding of the material. The flipping between social etiquette and making your life work are brilliantly handled where sweeping sarcasm, the stiff upper lip, making small talk, the desire to find out about other people’s sexual fantasies and finally pondering on the question of whether other people’s lives are better than our own? This is a well constructed play with believable and plausible dialogue that will have you chuckling. A special mention has to go to Roberta Morris as Kim whose ditzy portrayal of the ‘lady’ in their lives is played to perfection and so identifiable as someone you probably know. A very amusing look at the effects of invasion of privacy and sexual jealousy in the world of modern gay living.


ALL THAT runs to Saturday 10th June at the Lion and Unicorn Theatre, 42-44 Gaisford Street, Kentish Town NW5 2ED. Box office 0843 5159400

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