Review: Strangers In Between at The King’s Head Theatre

Strangers In Between at The King’s Head Theatre

Tommy Murphy’s Strangers in Between is rather splendid so encore performances at the King’s Head were inevitable. Performed last June at the same venue with the same cast, Murphy’s play made a triumphant return and to see it again put a smile on my face for numerous reasons. I was reminded how witty the dialogue was even when the subject matter of bullying, STIs and child abuse – both mental and physical – come to light.

The plot tells the story of a 16 year old boy finding his way in Sydney. Director Adam Spreadbury-Maher has a true flair and his direction gets performances from his cast that are exceptional and brilliant, especially Roly Botha as Shane who is perfect for this role. His cast mates, Dan Hunter and Stephen Connery-Brown, are also superb and it is clear that they are so on point in their respective roles that the energy and passion required in playing their parts seems to come with ease. Clever use of sound and lighting effects builds the intensity of the play. The comedy of this play also comes from references to Australian culture that added a delightful charm to a piece of theatre that is well worth seeing. Gorgeous!


Strangers In Between runs until 4 February at the King’s Head Theatre, 115 Upper Street, Angel, London, N1 1QN.




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