Make a date for XXL

Every Saturday is rocking at XXL at Pulse – those bears and blokes really know how to have a good time. In the interest of not missing a great night out, here are a few dates for your furry calendar including themes and guest DJs coming up in the near future at XXL.

XXL Construction

Saturday 28 January

Get out your hard hats and prepare to get banging! Who hasn’t fantasied about getting up close and personal with a sweaty builder? And now you can at Pulse, to a pumping beat on a packed dancefloor. Hurrah!

XXL Bears

Saturday 4 February

If you fancy a bear hunt then XXL is always prime hunting ground, but on the nights they have a Bear theme it’s like taking your picnic basket to Jellystone Park starring the Hair Bear Bunch and Goldilocks’ good friends. In other words, there will be loads of furry fellas across the whole of Pulse. Enjoy.

XXL Valentine’s

Saturday 11 February

Love is in the air at XXL next month. Well OK, maybe not exactly love, but definitely full-blown lust at first sight at XXL’s Valentine’s Party, where your soundtrack will be provided by special guest DJs Hoxton Whores.

XXL Lumberjack

Saturday 18 February

He’s a lumberjack and he’s OK… Well, actually, if he’s at XXL then he’s probably quite hot. This is your chance to get your chopper out and shout ‘Timber!’ very loudly on the dancefloor with a load of other plaid-clad bearded brutes.

XXL Jocks

Saturday 25 February

Ah, the smell of a men’s locker room – if this one doesn’t get you hot under your tight white shorts then it’s time to get a cat and some slippers. XXL’s Jocks parties are always fit to bursting with sporty bears and sweaty blokes, plus this time you’ll get super hot DJ Pagano on the decks!

St David’s Day

Saturday 4 March

XXL celebrates St David’s Day and all things Welsh in March. OK, so it’s going to be more fit rugby players and sweaty miners than Shirley Bassey and Bonnie Tyler, but we’re sure you’re fine with that.

Entry is £10 for members or £15 for guests.

XXL is at Pulse, 1 Invicta Plaza, South Bank, London, SE1 9UF.

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