Holiday on Ice: Believe (The Brighton Centre)

Having not seen a show of this type before I knew I would be in for a visual treat, but nothing prepared me for the sheer sense of exhilaration and the immediate appreciation of the incredible technical ability that was performed.

World famous ice dancer Christopher Dean has choreographed and directed a superb example of an art form that pushes the ice skaters in this company to their limits. Breathtaking speed over the ice, mesmerising lifts in sync with pyrotechnics and outstanding music got the audience transfixed by the action that was going on the ice.

The story is a reworking of Romeo and Juliet, where in this case Antonio, danced by Canadian Andrew Buchanan, comes from the Under World, where toil and hard graft is the order of the day. He meets and falls in love with fellow Canadian Robin Johnstone, who plays Clarissa, and she comes from the Upper World, where glamour and not having a care in the world is how they spend their days. When Clarissa falls for Antonio she is shunned by the people of her world and the story unfolds where longing, jealousy and desire are the emotions  played out over the ice.

The 13 male skaters that form part of the ensemble are so sexy that it would me amiss of me not to mention how homoerotic I found their performances to be, as they moved over the ice wearing tight vests and overalls tied at the waist and performed triple spins with an ease and grace easily compared to that of ballet.

Standout numbers included the salsa Follow Your Heart followed by Beating Heart where the dancers wore suits that lit up and were motion sensitive. This is a show that clearly showcases what the human body can do after years of commitment to your craft, and incredible feats of strength and skill are beautifully executed. Simply stunning! (

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