G-A-Y with 5 After Midnight

This Saturday (14 Jan) is the final date of the G-A-Y X Factor season when the 2016 third runners up, hot boy band 5 After Midnight, take to the stage. Dave Cross had a catch up with Nathan, Kieran and Jordan to find out their X Factor story.

Hey guys, congratulations on making it to the final – what did that mean to you? 

Kieran: It was incredible, just to be in the final and to perform in front of millions of people. We were all very proud of how far we got.

We loved the film of you touring round in your bus and seeing your families – how was that?

Nathan: That week was so hectic. If we thought it was mad before, at that point everything doubled and we had to do so much promotion but also learn and practise more songs and routines, staging and loads more.

Looking back, how was the whole experience of being on the show for you?

Kieran: It was amazing. Obviously it’s a lot of hard work and we did have some ups and downs, especially when we were in the bottom two. It’s been quite emotional but I think we all agree that it’s the best thing we’ve ever done.

It must have been scary to be in the bottom two the week before the semi-final?

Jordan: It was the most nerve-wracking thing ever. I can’t lie, I was really scared, because your career can be taken away in the blink of eye. But I do think we all pushed off from that point and we all worked so hard to make sure we did the best we could.

You were together before the show started, so how did you get together? 

Kieran: We’d all been working as solo artists and none of us were quite breaking through in the way we wanted. We met up on the live circuit and it really made sense for us to work as a group.

So it’s been easier as a group?

Kieran: Yes, because you have people to bounce ideas off and give each other support. It’s easier to stay positive and keep your spirits up but of course it does mean we all have to be in sync, and each of us can’t let the other two down.

What have you learnt about yourselves from being on The X Factor? 

Gordon: I’ve learnt what songs I can and can’t sing. I’ve also learnt how different audiences react and how to behave and handle myself in terms of being a performer in this industry, but still have fun!

Nathan: I think just learning how strong I can be and that I can actually cope with all this stuff.

How was Louis as a mentor?

Kieran: I think we can say Louis is Louis! He’s always very honest and says exactly what he thinks, which is a good thing because you need to hear the truth. He was very supportive as well.

Entry is £3 with a wristband from G-A-Y Bar.

G-A-Y is at Heaven, Under the Arches, off Villiers Street, Charing Cross, London, WC2N 6NG.


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