XXL’s massive Bank Holiday party this Saturday

XXL hosts another mahoosive bank holiday weekend party at Pulse this Saturday (25 Aug) from 10pm, and this week
the team welcomes DJ-producers Hoxton Whores back to the main room decks, while over in the Funky Fur Lounge DJ Joe Egg whips up a chart and R&B frenzy. Here they give us the top five tracks you’re bound to hear on their respective dancefloors this weekend.

Hoxton Whores’ Top 5 Tracks

‘Polymarte’- Luca Donzelli & Mar-T (Hector Couto Mix)

The EP remix closes with a more traditional tech-house percussion treatment and a very interesting looping structure, including light vocal touches and extraterrestrial sound effects, making it perfect for anytime on the floor.

‘Buss It’- Mason Collective (Original Mix) 

Bass-driven tech house at its best.

‘Why’ – Wheats (Original Mix)

Kassia leads the way here and is trademark Wheats: heavy hitting drums, subby, throbbing bass, and those unmistakeable synth hits that drill themselves inside your head.

‘Let The Music Play’ – Hoxton Whores & James Hurr (Original Mix)

You just know what’s coming if the Hoxton Whores are in town. Yes, our label lead producers are up to their old tricks again as they deliver this speaker-penetrating house track. Teamed with James Hurr, they’ve gone big as this muscular production has major grooves and beats and a destructive bass line. A little sample treat is their usual style and Let The Music Play will be shaking heads all over, especially with the quality piano riff in the breakdown.

‘When You Wanna Come’ – Block & Crown

We are gradually getting lost for words as B&C’s productions in 2018 are quite simply taking over. We all know what to expect and once again Block & Crown has teamed up with Pete Rose to deliver a dancefloor killer. Relax, relax, as this beefed up anthem takes hold of the speakers and blows your world!

Joe Egg’s Top 5 Tracks

‘My My My!’ – Troye Sivan

One of the most exciting things about being a DJ is watching a new unknown song ascend to anthem status and I have certainly enjoyed watching this talented young Australian singer grow huge right in front of me.

‘Run To You’- Rage

In 1992 a Eurodance cover of a Bryan Adams song may have seemed like a horrible idea, but in 2018 it’s more a case of ‘Why not?’ and this is certainly packing them in on the Fur Lounge dancefloor. ‘If she ever found out about you and I’ could be from one of the Pet Shop Boys’ saucier lyrics.

‘Made For Now’ – Janet Jackson and Daddy Yankee 

Every day I read about another failed comeback from another once-unstoppable chart certainty; these days if you’ve been around for more than five weeks you’re apparently banned from the hit parade (unless you’re Maroon 5). This marks Janet Jackson’s 23rd triumphant comeback and it’s a beautiful, brilliant and completely infectious.

‘7 Ways To Love’ – Cola Boy

Pounding faux Italian house pop from Saint Etienne off shoot project Cola Boy, celebrating exactly how much (or little) choice there was in the 1991 Rainbow of Love. Like the Netflix generation trying to imagine four TV channels in the 1980s, this now seems quaint and distant.

‘Black Sweat’ – Prince

Sparse and bass-free like a sex machine with glitches, this 2006 single is getting the XXL coterie ripping off their tops like they’ve got prickly heat.

XXL is at Pulse, 1 Invicta Plaza, Blackfriars Bridge Road, London, SE1 9UF.

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