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XXL Pride: Saturday 7 July

XXL Pride: Saturday 7 July 

Let’s be honest, all Saturdays are special at Pulse, that’s why we love the weekly bear fest that is XXL, but last Saturday was off the furry fecking chart!

The XXL Pride party was fit to bursting with blokes, hunks, hotties and more bears than even the sluttiest Goldilocks could cope with (and please note, we love slutty Goldilocks #NoShame). In the main room Bobby Blanco was raising the roof alongside resident dudes Paul Morrell and Alex Logan, plus there was a lovely tribute to the late ChristianM, who died last week. The party was also in full swing in the Fur Lounge with David Robson and Joe Egg mixing up their own Pride concoction stuffed with hits of every kind.

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