What are you into? Canoeing, chess and classical concerts… the Beboyz BETA launch

In a few week’s time Boyz will be launching its own friendship website called Beboyz. Beboyz is a unique and innovative way to meet new friends who share your hobbies, sports and interests.

Tags are at the heart of Beboyz. We have tags for over 350 hobbies, activities, sports and pastimes. The tag system is how you describe your interests and hobbies on your personal Beboyz page and how you search for others interested in the same activities as you.

You can also add your favourite sport, hobby or interest to our tags list if it’s not there. You can contact us on the Beboyz site for details.

Our tags are divided into four main sections: Sports, Pastimes, Culture and Travel.


Our Sports tags are divided into 7 categories including ball games, extreme sports, fitness, martial arts, water sports, watching sport and leisure which includes golf, darts, roller skating, snooker and go-karting.


The Pastimes tags are divided into 12 categories including collecting, crafts, dancing, games, outdoor, learning, pets, TV & film and volunteering. It also includes the hobbies category which includes astronomy, fashion, photography, singing, juggling, acting, steam trains and paintball.


Our Culture tags are divided into 6 categories including art, books, films, history, music and theatre. We break music down into genres including country, rock and world music and theatre is divided into fringe, LGBT+, musicals, opera and West End.


There are 3 tag categories in Travel: holidays, exploring and places but in amongst those you’ll find road trips, sightseeing, cruises, city breaks, backpacking, canal boats, hiking and North America or Africa travel.

We’ve created an interactive menu for our tags which you can explore and look through even before we fully launch Beboyz. Just go to to see the full list of over 350 hobbies, sports and interests.

Our BETA version of Beboyz is launching very soon.

Join the Beta programme and get three months membership FREE.

Sign up for the BETA version of Beboyz at

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