Welcome to the passion zone at Clonezone

Clonezone’s PR and Brand Manager Topher Taylor explains the ethos behind the gay sex store – now in its 4th decade of business – and reminds Boyz readers that everyone is welcome to the Clonezone shops to explore their sexual passions and fetishes.

Walking into a sex shop for the first time can be a daunting experience, and we are aware of this. It doesn’t matter how sassy or sexually liberated you are, sometimes the moment you have to show the public or a sales person what your inner, deepest most intimate fantasy items are… it can be scary. 

At Clonezone, we’ve always put a lot of emphasis on to the customer experience and we have always done our best to make sure that people feel welcome to visit our stores. If you follow us on social media, you’ll see that the amazing teams put themselves forward so that they’re recognisable and approachable. We want you to be free to chat to us about the things you’re interested in, so that we can recommend the perfect product(s) for you.

Whether you’re visiting one of our stores; Soho, Earls Court, Manchester or Birmingham, or shopping online, we want you to know that our phonelines, emails, DMs and shop doors are open to both the curious and the experienced. 

From the vanilla beginner to the world’s most experienced dom. Our company used to have the tagline ‘Live. Love. Play’ (and yes, I know this reads like those cheesy ‘Live. Laugh. Love’ stickers) but that truly is at the core of our business, live your life freely, love your experiences and play pleasurably, consensually and responsibly. 

If you’ve ever popped by the stores during one of our events or at Pride, you’ll see how welcoming we are and how hard we work to assure that you feel comfortable to browse the shop floor for everything from undies, to leather, to XXXL ass destroyers. 

With the above in mind and especially the prevalent discussion of fetish visibility at Pride, we are loving how comfortable our customers have been to pick some kinky gear up in store with the intentions of wearing it out in public. Having experienced Birmingham and London Prides, and with Manchester Pride approaching at rapid speed – we can’t wait to hang out with you and help you slip into the gear which helps you identify visually as your true queer identity. 

We’ve been champions of expressing your sexuality freely and openly since our launch back in 1982, so it’s really no surprise that our teams are still pushing that message 37 years later in 2019. 

With Manchester Pride approaching and LGBT+ fever really in the air, it’s a great time for us to be thankful for the scenes, customers and colleagues that have helped keep us afloat as a business well into our fourth decade. 

This whole article may seem a bit of a corn-fest and I get that, but we wanted to take this opportunity to remind you that in this current era of political uncertainty when it comes to LGBT+ people and the backlash to publish displays of kink, that we will always stand as a safe place for you to be yourself. Without judgement. 

For example, are you coming to Manchester Pride alone? Come and hang out with us at 36 Sackville Street. Everyone is welcome. 

Check out the locations of all the Clonezone stores at and also find all the sex and fetish products available to buy online.

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