We chat to performer and promoter Mynxie Monroe

Even in these ‘enlightened’  times, it is still surprisingly rare to find a female club promotor, the person in creative and business control of events or club nights. Cabaret sensation Mynxie Monroe has set up her own production company, Type O and is working on a Halloween show at The Grand. Dave Cross had a catch up to find out more.


Hey, I first met you as cabaret performer Mynxie Monroe – how would you describe yourself?

My business cards have said ‘Professional Goth’ from day one, and no matter what other things have changed over the years with regards to my performances or business, that has definitely stayed the fundamental foundation for what I do. Whether I’m being a DJ, a producer, a singer, a stripper or just doing straight up drag lip-syncs, the one constant is that I am always embracing my own heightened femininity in the darkest, spookiest way possible. Satan is a woman, Dave, didn’t you know?!

I’ve seen you do a totally brilliant Karen Walker, from Will & Grace act, she seems to fit you perfectly, will she be back? 

She’s camp, huh? You can totally see her again in the not-too-distant future –
she’ll be hosting a very special night of absolute nonsense at the Glory on November 6, so pop it in your diaries and keep an eye on my socials for the official announcement. I wont say what it is, but I will say there WILL be prizes, and those prizes WILL be the debauched contents of Karen’s handbag. I’m not sure whether that prospect is
exciting or unnerving – probably a bit of both.

As well as performing, you have your own production and event company
Type O, how did this come about? 

To make an incredibly long story short, I had been spending an awful lot of time working very hard for or with people who didn’t necessarily respect me, and was seeing the same thing happen to a lot of my peers. We are an industry, but we are first and foremost a community, so seeing so many people getting hurt really wound me up. I have a lengthy background in large scale events management and art direction, so I thought that instead of being frustrated at how things are being done, why not take matters into my own hands and create fab things with decent hardworking people and solid queer ethics?

It’s still pretty rare for women to be event organisers on the scene, how have you found it? 

When I was younger, I was managing large clubs and events in the West End, and I can assure you that the cliches are true.  I was frequently patronised or told that I ‘couldn’t be the real manager’, even grabbed and harassed while trying to manage the floor, or given inadequate support because older male colleagues weren’t happy about me being in charge of anything. At first it used to shock me, because I thought that a suit jacket and a clipboard would be an automatic indicator – at least to customers – not to mess with me. Luckily with Type O I haven’t experienced anywhere near this much hindrance (yet!), and now that I’m an ancient undead being and I’ve been through the mill a few times, I’m used to standing my ground and being extra assertive from the get-go. Here’s hoping I can continue to grow my business without too much of this getting in the way.

At the moment we know you are working on an event at the Grand in Clapham, what can you tell us about this? 

Horror Haus is my absolute baby, and it’s a direct response to some of the difficulties I’ve experienced in the past with being an alternative queer person. I’ve curated some of the most interesting, filthy, spooky stuff from the depths of the underground alternative scene and brought it together with all the most fun, accessible and glamorous elements of more ‘mainstream’ drag parties to make one big decadent electro night where people from all these different pockets of the community can party together and find something they enjoy – and maybe see something they wouldn’t have otherwise experienced. Hallowe’en is the perfect time to do this, and we have the perfect stage headliner in Abhora – our favourite Dragula ghoul – who is flying in from LA to spook you all. We’ve also got one of my absolute idols Ms Ana Matronic of the Scissor Sisters providing the soundtrack, which I am SO excited about, as well as the first ever Mx Horror Haus pageant, where we’ll be showing our appreciation for everyone’s gorgeous and horrifying looks by awarding a £100 cash prize for the best one. Team this with a banging cast, Virgin Xtravaganza, Lydia L’Scabies, Sum Ting Wong and so much more and let me tell you, it’s looking pretty damn exciting.

This is a serious party, Ana Matronic is big, is it all going to plan? 

Dave, if there are two things I’m bloody good at, it’s organisation and Hallowe’en. I’ve even hired a 21 foot hearse to transport our VIPs to the venue. We ain’t messing around, you come to HORROR HAUS, you have the spookiest time of your life. I’m making sure of it! Oh and if you book tickets this week, 10% goes to the Albert Kennedy Trust.

What are your aims, ambitions, etc for the future?

I mean, ideally, I’d like to welcome our demonic overlords from the Underworld and create a fiery utopia where everyone is free to be their sexiest, truest selves under a delicious plant-based Matriarchy – but for now, if I can continue making a living by being Queen of the Goths, that’ll do nicely.

Main photo by Dan Govan, Karen Walker photo by Corinne Cumming

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