United Shapes of Drag at The Two Brewers this Sunday 17 February

This Sunday, the really rather marvellous United Shapes of Drag make their debut at The Two Brewers in the Club Bar with Tops and Buttons. This cabaret collective features amazing new acts of every kind, from burlesque to stand-up, lip-sync to live vocals and this promises to be a brilliant night. Dave Cross spoke to one of the organisers and performers, Joshua aka Carrot.

Hi Joshua, please tell us, just what is United Shapes of Drag?

We’re a bunch of queers who love drag and cabaret. From burlesque to stand-up, lip-sync to live vocals, kings to queens to in-betweens, United Shapes of Drag (which can be shortened to a simple USoD) represent many of the shapes drag can take and basically throw the whole ‘drag’ rule book out the window. We aim to create more space for drag performers of all kinds, and create fun, varied, provocative and silly shows.

What’s the history, how did you get to this point?

We formed back in April 2018 – after Draguating from the Art of Drag course at The RVT. Since then we’ve gone from strength to strength. Our first show as a collective being at The RVT in September, then The Apple Tree in Clerkenwell where we have now formed a relationship and will be performing a monthly show there every last Wednesday of the month.

And this Sunday you are at The Two Brewers?

I know, how exciting. For us this is a new step, and it’s thrilling to bring a show like this to The Brewers.

Can you talk us through the theme of Tops and Buttons?

Tops and Buttons will be a silly, crazy, camp collaboration about those at the Top and those on top, as well as the buttons we wear, what they look like and what they stand for.

Who will be performing?

The majority of the OG USoDs will be there to do a set: Carrot, L’amour Le Monde, Penny Comequick, Scarlett Love, Vulgaire, Sally Slowcook and Orla Nothin’. There will be two fabulous hosts in the form of, the legend herself (and Lip-sync 1000 finalist) Flick De’Bean, and the gorgeous Lorelei Spera whose hobbies include smashing the patriarchy and kicking gender dysphoria in the arse. AND we have two special guest acts for this show, the incomparable Soroya Marchelle and one of the best kings on the scene right now, HP Loveshaft.

What else do you have planned for the rest of 2019?

As mentioned, we now have a monthly residency at The Apple Tree, where we’ll have lots of awesome special guests. This month will be the gorgeous Sigi Moonlight and we can’t wait. Let’s just say we’re confirming details, but we have some more exciting special acts lined up for this year too…

Advance tickets £6 from, £4 concessions

The Two Brewers, 114 Clapham High Street, SW4.

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