Undetectable: A post-chemsex love story

Undetectable is a tender and uplifting love story for the post-chemsex generation which has its premiere at the King’s Head in Islington this month. Hunky dream boy Lex, played by Freddie Hogan, and bright spark Bradley, played by Lewis Brown, are falling for each other. Tom Wright’s new play, directed by Rikki Beadle-Blair, explores the delicate emotions, moral dilemmas and personal demons we all take to bed with us. We spoke to the two actors about the play.

How would you describe Undetectable?

Lewis: It’s funny, romantic, sexy and dramatic, often all at the same time. At its heart though, it’s a love story between two guys and their struggle to find intimacy in the wake of the chemsex epidemic. It’s a bit of an emotional rollercoaster and hopefully a great night out.

Freddie: This wonderful play is an uplifting, funny, turbulent love story that is set around the post-chemsex era. It’s a journey trying to find intimacy through these easily found and easily disposed times. The play goes up and down, side to side but is trying to find what we are all looking for in this life…. and that’s love.

Can you each describe your character?

Lewis: So my character is Bradley. He’s a 28 year old primary school teacher. He wants to live and love in a world without labels. He’s smart, but feels out of place within the gay scene.

Freddie: My character Lex is an ‘Extra’ energetic, positive, patient piece of energy, who loves to work out, to listen, learn and have banter and laughs at any and every opportunity. He is the more likeable of the two.

Bradley and Lex wait quite a while before sleeping with each other which is quite unusual for gay guys, is that a comment on the ‘hook up app’ nature of gay life in 2019?

Lewis: I think it’s a reaction to hook up culture. The characters really like each other, but they have a lot of demons to deal with before they can take their relationship to the physical level. The play is about how they navigate their feelings.

Freddie: Alexis has been struggling to find a solid and loyal relationship, due to the modern technological and disposable times we live in and this play shows Alexis’ tactics to combat this.

Undetectable is at the King’s Head Theatre in Islington from 13 March – 6 April. Box office: 0207 226 8561

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