Underwear Special: Breedwell at Clonezone

Breed well at Clonezone 

introduced by Clonezone’s Topher Taylor

“I’ve always been obsessed with over-the-top, provocative and unique club gear. Breedwell makes Glow Gear, which actually lights up using rechargeable LED light strips. They’re flexible too, so rest comfortably on the fabric as you move around. You’re wearing underwear and accessories that actually LIGHT UP. You know you’re in 2018 when your clubwear is USB rechargeable…

“If you’re like me and are often on the hunt for something daring to wear on nights out, or to pose in, Breedwell is the brand for you. IN fact I am counting down the days until I can wear this to Torture Garden. I’ve been waiting for Breedwell to be at Clonezone for over a year and, as Martin McCutcheon famously penned, ‘This is my moment…’

“Whether you’re a club kid and want to show off at Sink The Pink or you’re a seasoned, hardcore player and want to get your body out at Hard On or XXL, then I advise you glance your eyes over this neon range. One of the things I love most about the Breedwell range is that it’s for all body types; Breedwell caters for everyone and feature adjustable sizing.

“If you don’t want to be ‘lit’ then you can focus on the beautiful Horizon Jockstraps and accessorise them with the Dirty By Choice knee-high socks. The range is futuristic and attention-grabbing, assuring you get attention when and where you want it.

Shopping online? Use ‘TOPHER’ at the basket for 10% off your bill.”

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