Tumulus at The Vault: Review by Stephen Vowles 

Christopher Adams’ new play Tumulus at The Vault is most definitely an intriguing play, exploring the chemsex scene in modern London. If experimental theatre is your thing then this cleverly staged, slightly macabre murder mystery is for you. An energetic Ciaran Owens, playing Anthony starts by addressing the audience directly then immerses himself into the action. There is an engaging and clever sense of humour here, with a running gag based on age and the value of youth forming an integral part of the plot. Director Matt Steinberg, along with Movement Director Natasha Harrison have put together a wonderful homage to film noir and those charming radio stories of the 1940’s. Essential and effective sound effects are executed by the three hander cast with Ian Hallard and Tom Rhys Harries making up this formidable threesome. They play multiple roles which adds to the fraught, but still desirable and at times manic delivery creating the desired effect of putting the audience on the edge of their seats.


Tumulus is fabulous and writer Adams is making a very precise comment on the perils of  the chemsex scene. The 65 mins running time, means this theatrical experience comes at you like an express train hurtling down the tracks.


Runs until 28 January and is part of the London Arts Festival at The VAULT, Leake Street , Waterloo, SE1 7NN

Box office 07598 676202 or

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