Trough is at the Coronet for the Bank Holiday weekend

Trough is the gorgeous sexy club party that has already rocked our world this year with its unique mix of super hot performers, stunning production and world-class music. It’s back on Saturday 26 August in the middle of the bank holiday weekend at the Coronet in Elephant and Castle. Dave Cross spoke to promotors Sergio Sardo and Nik Dimopoulos to find out more.

Hi guys, how would you describe Trough for those who haven’t been yet? 

Trough is a homosexual dance party – or in other words, a sexual dance party for homos! It draws its influences from the underground alternative basement dance parties, the kink and fetish parties and the large scale circuit dance parties. It’s a party where men can come together, dance, get loose and get some.

So Trough is a sexy party but it’s not a fetish party is it?

Trough is not a fetish party in the traditional sense, as in we don’t enforce strict fetish dress codes. We do however encourage the ‘less is more’ approach when it comes to attire. The themes and ideas behind each advertising campaign play with many different sexual kinks, fetishes and practices but are presented in a much more colourful, playful and sometimes humorous way, giving it a unique identity.

What kind of guys do you get there?

We get all sorts of hot guys coming to the party. Hunks, jocks, muscle bears, twinks, daddies, (h)otters alterna-beards and everything-inbetweeners. We welcome everyone to try the Trough as long as their attitude is in the right place, they’re up for a good time and they leave their dignity at the door.

How have the last couple of parties been?

The last couple of parties have been absolutely epic. Although we are still finding our groove in London we are so impressed by the turnout and the vibe people are bringing to the party. We are very excited about Trough’s future in London.

What can you tell us about the music? 

Trough’s music policy is a simple one – we like our music like we like our men, hard, butch and sexual. We are mostly inspired by the dance parties in Berlin because we believe they are the best at using music as the main source of creating strong sexual energy on the dance floor. We also want Trough to musically take a side step from the mainstream to offer the gay community something different and new. Educating with new sounds or new ideas to an established scene is not always easy but we are determined to keep pushing forward with this rather than play it safe and give them what most people think the majority want.

Who are the DJs this time?

Our main guest is Berlin based DJ/Producer Omer. He’s been playing in Berlin for four years at Cocktail D’amore and Laboratory plus recently headlining London’s creme of the underground club nights Discosodoma and Anal House Meltdown. Omer will be playing an energetic mix of cosmic house and euphoric techno, cruising between light and dark beats. Scotts-born stud Andrew Moore will warm up the Trough with his blend of tantalising techno and hi-energy electronica. Also on the night legendary Massimo Paramour gets in touch with his even darker side and regular Trough treat Jamie Baillie will close the night with a deep electronica probing. We will also introduce our mega hot techno beard, Zola St to the darkroom decks, you need to watch his space.

Can you tell us all about the visuals and what else to expect? 

We don’t like to talk up our visual tricks and treats before the party as we like to keep it a surprise for the night. But from the advertising, you can expect to see a lot of red, mixed with some references to fisting activities. Yes, of course we are referring to boxing and arm wrestling.

And this will be the last one at the Coronet? 

Sadly yes. The Coronet closes its doors at the end of the year so this will be the final Trough at this venue. We are currently looking out for a replacement but realise that this venue like a few others that recently had a similar fate are irreplaceable. So let’s make this Trough truly a night to remember.

Trough at the Coronet, 28 New Kent Road, Elephant and Castle, SE1.Tickets on sale at

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