Tom Taylor T-shirts at Prowler

Tom Taylor’s T-shirt designs take some of your best-loved animated film characters and suitably corrupts them so you can love them even more as an adult. And they’re available at Prowler Soho now!


Inspired by pop culture, Tom Taylor started drawing at 10 years of age and always had a keen eye for detail of the things happening around him. Fast forward to 2013 and Tom honed his talent illustrating popular female celebrities to focusing more on the male form.

It was this more sexualised work and development of original characters that caught the eye of several companies Tom created clothing for, which led to him designing his three best selling capsule collections exclusively for Prowler.

Now Tom has turned his eye – and his pen – to iconic images from a certain famous animated movie studio and had developed them for a much more appreciative gay audience.

Think of Ursula, Ariel, Gaston and a host of other popular characters from childhood fairytales and you have Tom’s third collection, ‘A Hole New World’.

The T-shirts feature all your favourite squeaky-clean characters doing things that are really not suitable for their original audience. Camp, outrageous, colourful and definitely bound to get you noticed on the street, the T-shirts are a tongue-in-cheek interpretation of all that’s innocent, sweet and wholesome and then driving them up a notch to make them suitable for a club kids, queens and party boys audience.

Mark Phillips, head of retail at Prowler Soho, says: “It was the sharp quality and concepts of Tom’s fantastic imagery which led me to pursuing a business partnership.”

For your very own T-shirt, buy a piece of Tom’s collection ‘A Hole New World’ in Prowler Soho or online now!

Prowler Soho, 5-7 Brewer Street, London, W1F 0DR.


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