Tinderella at the Canal Cafe Theatre: Press night review by Stephen Vowles

With the panto season well and truly under way this year’s offering from writer Mark Daniels is always something to look forward to and with Tinderella he does not fail to deliver on his yearly promise to throughly entertain, raise a chuckle and generate a slight gasp from an audience that were loving every minute.

With admirable direction from Roann McCloskey, the four strong cast of Lucy Aley-Parker as the wicked stepmother, complete with rasping cackle and the delivery of her running gag of wanting to stroke her pussy, Lawrence Bolton, fabulous as the Fairy Matchmaker, who for this panto has certainly mastered the art of the quick costume and wig change, Iona Crampton as the sex starved Ella and lastly Francesco Roberts as Roger the Prince, we were out to have a raucous time. 

Ella has had her phone confiscated by her stepmother, desperate to find a love match her Fairy Matchmaker comes to her rescue. Here Daniels is very clever highlighting the fact that most of us have completely surrendered to the power of our phone and when without it we are at a complete loss. The gags come thick and fast and it was actually a nice surprise to find out what some of the emojis represented, well the ones with a sexual connotation anyway. Rude and crude and an utterly delicious festive treat, that once viewed you would most certainly be agreeable to swipe to the right as Tinderella’s a perfect match between audience and actors. Great fun.


Tinderella runs to Saturday 29th December at the Canal Cafe Theatre,13 Westbourne Terrace Road, Little Venice, London W2 6NG. Box office: 020 7289 6054

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