Theatre: The Golden Girls – A Musical review

The Golden Girls: A Musical

The Two Brewers


The Golden Girls is arguably the finest American sitcom of the past 30 years – it’s certainly one of the most popular and influential, so it’s a brave troupe that takes on those hallowed scripts. But last week at the Two Brewers, Two Box Productions did exactly that and most definitely came out as winners.

The idea is beautifully simple and I have to wonder why no one has had the idea before; taking the script of a classic episode (in this case ‘Goodbye Mr Gordon’ from Season Seven) and adding some appropriate songs in the right paces. The songs used are a mix of well known and some less well know that all fitted perfectly into the story with each of the characters getting their own turn to shine. Particular standouts were I am 16, Going on 17, here changed to ’60 going on 70’ and an energetic and seductive Hernando’s Hideaway.

Recreating the four leads was always going to be key to this project as they are some of the most well known and loved TV characters and performances in popular culture. Our own gang of golden girls did not disappoint and all four leads – Rose Garden as Dorothy, Tanya Hyde as Blanch, Stephanie Von Clitz as Rose and Mrs Moore as Sophia – were excellent. Each brought not only a spot on impersonation but also a touch of their own humour, especially if things didn’t go totally to plan, such as when Tanya coped in true Blanch style with a dress malfunction. The four leads were well supported by Craigerr Bell and Daniel O’Donnell as well as by director Mark Wickens and Lawrence Bolton as producer.

If you loved The Golden Girls then this is the production for you because clearly everyone involved in it does too. Dave Cross

The Golden Girls: A Musical is on this Thursday (5 Oct) from 7.30pm at the Two Brewers, 114 Clapham High Street, SW4. Tickets at 

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