Theatre: DuBois Entendre at the Charing Cross Theatre review by Dave Cross

Crossing from a successful career on the London gay cabaret scene to a wider audience is no easy task. It is possible as Pam Ann has shown and going back in time, Lily Savage played in many of the same venues as scene favourite Gareth Joyner aka Myra DuBois plays now.

Gareth has that wider audience in his sights and last Sunday at the Charing Cross Theatre we were treated to not only Myra DuBois, but also Frank Lavender, ‘Yorkshire’s finest comedian.’ Frank’s 30 minute support set was a testament to Gareth’s observational skills, as he is a well drawn and subtle portrait of a Northern club act trying to make use of his new London surroundings as comedy inspiration. Frank is at the other end of the confidence scale from Myra with a more subtle wit but totally enjoyable. Subtle is not a word that is often used to describe the star of the show and from her opening number of Zip-a-Dee-Doo-Dah Myra was on hilarious form. The self declared siren of South Yorkshire informed us that this new show was her attempt at redemption for some of the things she may have said in the past. She lead us through stories of upsetting the mother of a blind child – twice, her musings on the nature of God’s parenting skills, some serious flirting with a man in shorts and we were blessed with another original Myra poem delivered as only she can. We also got a selection of texts from the audience and a couple more songs. If you love great stand up comedy then Gareth Joyner as Myra DuBois is up there with the best of them. DoBois Entendre is going to Edinburgh and Wonderground and we totally recommend getting your tickets now. ****

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