The world of Bar Wotever every Tuesday at The RVT

Bar Wotever, part of Wotever World, are champions of queer cabaret performers of every kind and every gender, each and every Tuesday at The Royal Vauxhall Tavern. Dave Cross spoke to Ingo Cando founder and producer of Wotever World and Lysander Dove manager of Bar Wotever to find out more about this extraordinary and much loved RVT night.

Hi Ingo and Lysander… for those poor souls who have never been, can you both please sum up what Bar Wotever at The RVT is?

Bar Wotever is one of the longest running queer mixed cabaret performance nights. We have DJs pre and post-show and a show of new and established performers from 8.30pm-10.30pm every Tuesday. The shows are always eclectic and exciting, with performers often showcasing new work. Most weeks we have different hosts, performers who are well known and have a connection to Bar Wotever. Come if you are interested in Queer Culture. 

How has 2019 been so far for the night?

2019 has been fantastic so far. We have been packed out most weeks and the shows have been tremendous. We had a wonderful 14th birthday show in March. Highlights have included still being at the marvellous RVT, the best venue in London, keeping both it and us super busy. Also, our lovely audience, that has stayed with us over the years giving us the best feedback and reviews.  

What makes an act good for Bar Wotever? 

We love acts to be from all genres of performance. We also love to showcase performers from all sections of our community. To show their hearts, minds and personalities on stage in new and unexpected ways, as well as being entertaining. We also appreciate lovely folks who are easy to work with and feel part of the Bar Wotever family!  

Can you both please tell us some of your favourite acts right now?

There are too many to mention individually! However, I have to say that all our resident performers (Caroline Smiling, Shakona Fire, Benjamin Butch, Ebony Rose Dark, Cerise Rei, Crxmps, Orlando, Katayoun Jalili) continue to astound me with their creativity and skills. They are such a multi-talented bunch who always stretch themselves in both content and style/genre of performance every month.  

If someone reading this would like to get in touch re: performing how do they do that?

If someone wishes to perform at Bar Wotever, they should email with their name, name and type of act, links/photos and pronouns. 

What else is coming up at Bar Wotever?

Lolo Brow is hosting the month of June, with some very special guest acts and fabulous open mics. In July, we’ll be celebrating Pride month in our own special way, with hosts and acts that represent the whole of our community. Plus, we’ll continue to support LGBTIQ community groups with bucket shakes/merch stalls and promotion of the great causes they represent.  

And at your other events too?

We are pleased to be having another FMAS event, called Dandy Crush on 1 June at The Apple Tree. Then, at The Glory on 7 June we return with another fabulous Non Binary Cabaret: Power & Pride. Later in the year there will be some surprise, very special, show announcements, so keep your eyes peeled for that! • Instagram/Twitter @barwot •

The Royal Vauxhall Tavern, 372 Kennington Lane, Vauxhall, SE11.

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