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The White Swan: Friday 9 November

The White Swan: Friday 9 November 

We love a fresh idea and last Friday we headed east for a zingy citrus blast at new club night Lemon at the White Swan.

The night had a Playboy Mansion theme and hosting as well as DJing were those frisky bunnies, and Boyz Award winners, Tia Kofi and Sum Ting Wong, plus Aussie stunner, Shay G’Day was on hand to lick boys and generally add a dash of Down Under. There were partially glad guys with bunny ears plus a fun crowd of boys, girls and more, all having a splendid time. we loved the music, the vibe and of course the amazing venue. We can’t wait for another hit of Lemon.

Cybil’s House is on this Saturday at The White Swan 

Photos by Captain Jack

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