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The Two Brewers: Friday 8 June

The Two Brewers: Friday 8 June

The Two Brewer in Clapham is always a ‘Cave of Wonders’ packed with an Aladdin’s treasure of cabaret and music delights, but last Friday they really outdid themselves.

In the Cabaret Bar was none other than Danny Beard, former Drag Idol champion and star of Britain’s Got Talent, who was on sizzling form with the laughs and songs coming thick and fast. In the Club Bar was the launch of Peach, a fun and camp new club night with DJs Sum Ting Wong and Tia Kofi mixing up the summer hits with beach vibes with drag and debauchery. We had way too much fun and found ourselves still on the dancefloor where the lights came on at 4am. Marvellous.

Photos by Sylvia Tilly

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