The Scene celebrates the Royal Wedding

This weekend the girl gets her prince when Meghan Markle marries HRH Prince Harry, or as we like to think of him, the hot ginger one, who we definitely would. To mark this romantic and historic occasion we invited some special guests from across the scene to take part in our own camp nuptials and tell us what the wedding means to them. Any resemblance to actual members of the British Royal Family is largely coincidental.

Jimmy Smith from the Two Brewers 

I love a royal wedding and will be watching it live at the Brewers along with loads of our customers. It’s a brilliant occasion and a chance to celebrate.

The Duchess from the George and Dragon 

I adore the Royal Family and I’m looking forward to watching the wedding. I actually turned down an invitation to Windsor as you get a much better experience on the telly. At the George and Dragon we are having a stag night for Harry with Dave Lynn on Friday, Saturday night after the ceremony we have Mary Mac, who will fly in from Balmoral, and on Sunday to ease the hangover we have Tony Sinclair, Sandra and Miss Jason. It’s going to be a cracker!

Jimbo James, XXL regular 

I think it’s amazing that we all get to see and be a part of the royal wedding. It’s great how the country comes together as one for such an important event. I think the Royal Family are very similar to us as they try to live normal lives even though everything they do is seen by millions across the world on TV and the internet, and we all lead our lives on social media too. On the weekend of the wedding I will be away on a vacation so will join millions of people across the world watching it via the internet, but I’m sure lots of my friends will be celebrating at XXL in the evening.

Mehmet from the Duke of Wellington

I am excited about the wedding as I’ve been a big fan of the royal family since I came to London and I was glued to the TV when William and Kate got married in 2011. They are important as they are recognised all over the world, and most importantly the Queen as head of the Commonwealth, and they are the number one tourist attraction in all of Europe. On the day I’ll be at the Welly for our big, fun celebration.

Tia Kofi from The Vixens 

I’m a big fan of the Royal Family for the tradition they represent. I think they’re a good measure of progress in the United Kingdom. Kate and Meghan both represent a move away from the past and a step forward into the present, which in the wake of Brexit and other such nonsense is a little beacon of light for me. Having a mixed race princess is going to awesome in terms of young people seeing themselves represented in the public eye. I was always a huge Diana, Princess of Wales, fan, so unfortunately that does make me a bit wary of Camilla, Duchess of Cornwall. I mean, why would anyone go for a duchess when they can have a princess? Also, the Queen is, well, the queen of colour blocking, and I’m a big fan of that.

On the day, The Vixens will be having right royal knees up at Halfway II Heaven from 10pm until late – think of it as the royal wedding reception. I’ll be serving some Meghan Markle realness with Woe Addams offering a little Kate Middleton and Dixie Delight as… well, you’ll have to come along and see!

Mzz Kimberley – cabaret royalty

Americans have always been intrigued by the royals. I think it’s magnificent that Harry has been able to find true love and be able to marry someone of his choice. What I do find shocking is that many seem to think this will be the UK’s first princess of colour. In 1761, Queen Sophia Charlotte was the first and was married to King George III. This royal couple had 15 children, their fourth eldest son was Prince Edward Augustus, Duke of Kent, the father of Queen Victoria. This royal wedding just happens to fall on my birthday weekend. I will be watching in the morning, then myself and Lula will make our way to the Trans Ladies Picnic at the Serpentine Gallery in Hyde Park – you can find the details on Facebook.

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