The quest for the perfect T-shirt with the Morph fashion brand

Morph is a menswear fashion brand which produces T-shirts with the perfect fit – where your size is based on your body type. Here’s the full story.

Buying clothes online can be a real pain and all of us can tell a story or two about having to return them because they don’t fit properly. Whether it’s too long, too short, baggy around the waist or too tight on the shoulders. The result is always a feeling of discomfort and having to pull your T-shirt right all the time. But worry not, an engineer and fashion designer have teamed up to make the perfect solution for this problem. Together they started Morph, a menswear fashion brand that offers a T-shirt with the perfect fit. To achieve this, they worked with Imperial College to apply a data science approach to the outdated patterns that underlie our clothing. The result is an interesting new system where your size is based on your body type.

By doing this, they were able to pinpoint all the problem areas for every body type when it comes to finding a good fit, and remedying them by improving those problem zones. They claim that the result is a better fitted T-shirt and a more athletic look to boost. From their before and after pictures, this does seem the case:

To find your size on the website, you simply choose your body type and your height. With that information, you get assigned one of their 9 sizes.

One of the cool things about Morph is that that all the sizes are named after Greek gods and heroes. So, no more feeling like a chunky XL, welcome to your new life, Hercules!

The T-shirts are made from a soft organic cotton and produced in Paris. They also offer free shipping and returns, just in case you’re not 100% sure but would like to try them.

We, for certain, really like our Morph T-shirts.


You can find Morph T-shirts online at



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