The Penetration Play at Above The Stag’s Studio Theatre: Review by Stephen Vowles

Written by Winter Miller, The Penetration Play is a stylish, verbally taut and quirky comedy about manners and how you become part of someone else’s life. It is directed by Gene David Kirk with a flair and elegance that explores the power of mental and physical attraction between three woman. This play has an honesty that is actually very touching and well observed.

Tayla Kenyon plays Rain, a friend of Ash, played by Miriam O’Brien, who visit Ash’s mother, Maggie, played by a stunning Janet Prince. Rain confesses her love for Ash, only to have this dismissed, resulting in her seducing Maggie, Ash’s mother.

The dialogue between the actresses is punchy and Miller’s clever use of metaphors superbly fleshes out the characters she has created. Sexual frustration, regrets, thoughts of what might have been and who is actually manipulating make for good drama, and in The Penetration Play these bittersweet consequences of desire make for an excellent two-act play, which is a very informed look at female friendship. SV

The Penetration Play is at Above the Stag’s Studio Theatre, until 21 July, Arch 72 Albert Embankment, Vauxhall, SE1. Book tickets at

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