The Crumple Zone at the King’s Head Theatre: Review by Stephen Vowles

Written by Buddy Thomas, this is one of my favourite gay themed plays and the reason why is that the script is stunning and when delivered by a group of actors that get the message of the play and when directed with a flair and understanding of the material (in this case by Robert McWhir) the end result is a sure fire hit. Trimmed to one act this time around, the power of the piece is not diluted in any way. In fact the intensity of the play is heightened, and strengthened. The cast of Nick Brittain as Alex, Robbie Capaldi as Buck, Natasha Edwards as Sam, Fanos Xenosfos as Roger all shine, but the highest praise as to bestowed on Lucas Livesey as Terry whose meticulous and articulate delivery of the pure zingers that his character utters adds to speed of the play. The whole thing zips along with an energy that is totally mesmerising. A well informed look at the ups and downs of having a relationship, of being in love or not finding love. An eloquent production of a very good play.


The Crumple Zone runs to 9th December at the Kings Head Theatre, 115 Upper Street, London N1 1QN. Box Office 020 7226 8561 

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