The bear necessities at XXL with DJ Pagano

If we haven’t made it clear before: we love XXL. Saturdays at Pulse are a full-on fur fest of hunks, hotties, blokes and bears in an amazing venue with some of the best DJs, both residents and regular guests, that you can hear anywhere. We are also very fond of the mid-week version if we feel like having a late Wednesday. Here’s a quick round up of what’s coming, bear fans.

XXL Lumberjack with DJ Pagano

Saturday 21 July, 10pm–7am

This Saturday the Italian stallion DJ Pagano will be cooking up a tasty treat of cool beats on the main room dancefloor while the rest of us are bear hunting and humming ‘I’m a lumberjack…’ No? Just us then.

XXL Construction with Moto Blanco

Saturday 28 July, 10pm–7am

Sometimes you just have to call the builders in because there’s something that needs a man with a toolbox… XXL Construction is for everyone who yells ‘Yes we can!’ at the right moment. Plus the darling Bobby Blanco is guest DJ in the main room.

XXL Bears ‘n’ Cubs

Saturday 4 August, 10pm–7am

Which came first, the bear or the cub? If you have pondered this difficult philosophical question, and we certainly have, then head to Pulse for some vital research. We recommend that the resident DJs, Paul Morrell, Alex Logan, Joe Egg and David Robson, might be able to help you out.

XXL Rugby

Saturday 11 August, 10pm–7am

Are you ready for a scrum-down in the middle of a team of hot sweaty bears and blokes – all in tight white shorts? Yep, us too, so we’ll see you at XXL Rugby, plus Pagano is back for more main room shenanigans.

XXL at Pulse, 1 Invicta Plaza, Blackfriars Bridge Road, SE1. Book tickets at

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