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Sunday Social Halloween at The RVT: Sunday 28th October

Some cabaret artistes naturally gravitate towards Halloween like planets towards a black hole and none more so than Myra DuBois at The Royal Vauxhall Tavern.

Last week it was Rotherham’s Sabrina the non teenage bitch who graced the hallowed stage for a spooky Sunday Social. From the moment she arrived on stage we knew this was going to be a brilliant night, we got halloween songs, lots of them including a ‘spectacular’ Defying Gravity and a set of songs from Rocky Horror that featured a costume that came with its own set of Halloween warnings. We laughed and sang along and laughed a lot more, there’s really nothing like Myra at The RVT. Then those fab DJs kept us dancing till the lights came up.

Charlie Hides is at The RVT this Sunday

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