Sum Ting Wong talks the Two Brewers quiz

We love a good quiz and this coming Wednesday (23 Aug) the team at the Two Brewers are re-launching their weekly session. Dave Cross tracked down the marvellous Sum Ting Wong who will be your quiz mistress, each and every Wednesday, to find out more.

Hi there Sum Ting, are you excited to be hosting the Two Brewers weekly quiz? 

Yes, of course I am, seeing as I spend a fair chunk of my time there anyway. I love a pub quiz, so I’m really looking forward to it.

Is this a very serious quiz or just a laugh? 

The quiz is going to be a good mix, we’ll have some rounds with teams whispering and hiding their answers and others where they’ll see how many cream crackers they can eat in a minute. I like realising how little general knowledge I have, but I’m always willing to give it a go and that’s the spirit of the Brewers quiz.

How does the quiz work?

It’ll be your standard pub quiz, but with a couple of twists to keep everyone involved. You have the bog standard general knowledge round to start, and from then on – who knows? I guarantee that in the not too distant future one of the rounds will be dogs, because I love dogs.

Can you talk us through the glamorous prizes on offer?

Obviously the winning team will have the chance to win the prize pot. Other than that, courtesy of the Brewers, first place will win a £50 bar tab for their team, second place will win a bottle of wine, and third place will win something from the prize pool.

What’s the drill with people taking part? 

It’ll be £2 each person to play with maximum teams of six. There are limited tables at the Brewers so I would suggest contacting the venue, either on the phone or via Facebook, to book yourselves a table but people are more than happy to just turn up and play. The more the merrier!

As quiz mistress are you open to bribes and if yes what kind? 

Between us girls, my favourite food is lasagne, but if you bring me a bad one I will take points away from your team.

Entry is free.

The Two Brewers, 114 Clapham High Street, SW4. Book tables on 0207 819 9539.

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