The quarter Moon in Virgo means it’s time to stop the stress and get to the root of what’s turning you into a headless chicken. Screaming, ‘Make it stop’ over breakfast won’t help. Now is the time for action.

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Uranus has moved into your sign, so you might be feeling mighty strange this week. The quarter Moon in Virgs means radical change could be on the cards, not all of it expected. It’s time to switch things up, girl.

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Jupes and Neptune are moving into an epic meeting about your career in your chart. A big, bold brassy opportunity could be coming your way in the next couple of weeks. Grab it with both hands, your feet and your gob.

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Venus in Cancer is making you gorgeous, magnetic and capable of charming the knockers off anyone and everyone. But put your power to good use. Flirting needlessly gets you only so far.

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Jupiter and Neppers are here to help you get the F over something. These water signs want to cool your fire. If you’ve behaved like an arse or have been causing mayhem, it’s time to say soz.

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For once can you stop being the responsible one? You’re the sign who starts tidying up at someone else’s house party before people have left. The quarter Moon in Virgo is here to tell you to put yourself first.

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Listen babe, we know you’ve achieved so much in your life, but what about the things that you really care about? Jupes and Neps are here to remind you to do the stuff that really excites you, whether it pays the rent or not.

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This Friday you’re getting the once in a lifetime movement of Neptune in Pisces through your zone of fame and success. If you have big dreams, or want to propose to your fella, Friday is the day to do it.

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This week stop and think about the direction you’re heading in rather than just travelling there at 100mph. The quarter Moon in Virgs is forcing you to assess everything from your job, gaff, buddies and partner. No pressure, then.

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You’ll be a desired gentleman this week when Jupiter widens your friendship group and Neptune makes you more popular than ever. Whether you want a deep and meaningful or to schmooze your way into the VIP lounge, you’ll make it work.

Passion Rating: ♥♥♥


If a friendship or relationship has been cooling off, perhaps it’s time to show how much you care. The quarter Moon in Virgo is putting the power in your hands, so if you want something to change, make the first move.

Passion Rating: ♥♥♥


Venus and Jupiter will be making you outspoken. And by outspoken we mean a sodding rude bitch. Try to moderate your words and avoid burning those bitches up with your fire.

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