This year’s only Gemini New Moon is charging up your chart, so a new beginning could be on the cards. Don’t be afraid of going for that job you’ve had your eye on, or asking someone new out for a drink – whether your motivations are platonic, passionate or down right pervy, just go for it.

Passion Rating: ♥♥♥♥


Don’t be lured by money and money alone. The Gemini New Moon means that you might get an offer you almost can’t refuse. But if that promotion is for a job you absolutely hate, or the money comes with strings that are more like ropes, then pass. Better to be happy than rich.

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Venus and Pluto are both in your chart, so expect some shady comments in your life and don’t take everyone at face value. Being suspicious isn’t fun, but it’s way better than being screwed over and having to bitch slap someone.

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Venus will be polishing up your career zone so much it’ll be shinier than a freshly Botoxed forehead. You might have to show people at work who is boss in order to get recognition, but if you do you’ll be rewarded in the long run. Be a bold business bitch this week and you’ll thank us for doing so later.

Passion Rating: ♥♥♥♥



Some things are always less fun when you do them alone. So this week ask a mate to give you a hand, whatever you’re up to. OK, presumably you can go to the lav by yourself, but you get our drift. Plus, the world wants a piece of you, whether you like it or not.

Passion Rating: ♥♥♥


Saturn means you’ll have demands at home, whilst Mars is in your career zone. Try to resist the pull of work.
We both know you hate it really, so why neglect your family and friends because of it? Overworking is over. Family is forever.

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The Gemini New Moon means you’re sick to bloody death of something or someone. It’s time to break free from a situation that’s holding you back from being your best self. It might not be easy and it might take some time, but nothing is worth being miserable for. Trust us and make the break.

Passion Rating: ♥♥♥


The New Moon has landed slap bang in the middle of your chart’s erogenous zone. Expect to feel powerful, playful and passionate. We suggest you keep a mineral water spray nearby at all times in case you become overheated and disgrace yourself again.

Passion Rating: ♥♥♥♥♥


Venus is in your passion zone, whilst Pluto’s causing chaos with your money management. Basically you’re probably going to bankrupt yourself by buying loads of tight pants and aftershave. Try to keep a lid on it. You’re seductive enough without them.

Passion Rating: ♥♥♥♥


Now is your last chance to whip your man baps into shape before the summer really hits. The New Moon in Gemini is all about you looking after yourself. But if you really can’t be bothered to get pumped, then just look after your mind and heart instead. That’s just as valuable as your hot bod.

.Passion Rating: ♥♥


Passion, love and notoriety might all be coming your way thanks to the Gemini New Moon. Maybe your reputation as Mr Lover Lover will proceed you. Just don’t cause so much trouble that you end up causing mischief, or worse, yourself grief.

Passion Rating: ♥♥♥♥


It’s a family affair, Pisces. It doesn’t matter whether you want to get in touch with your family, or you need a boozy catch up with your sis from another Miss. Now is the time to get in touch and put the world to rights and wrongs.

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