Saturn and the Sun are making you forget all the petty crap and forcing you to focus on le big stuff: your wardrobe. Only kidding. Still, it’s time to sort a situation out, but be careful. Mercury means people might misconstrue your words and think you’re being nice, rather than a bitch.

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The Sun is in your house of endings, so something is about to close. We doubt it’ll be your legs, so prepare for a chapter of your life to end. Fingers crossed you’ll get rid of that frenemy who does you no good so you’ll finally have space for something better.

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Mercury moves into Taurus this week. It’s time to be a bit more discerning about who you spend your time with. Boring Bettys need not apply. Get in touch with the best, brightest and most squeezable people in your contact book. Think A-list, not A-holes.

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The Sun is moving into Taurus, so sod slaving away like you have been. Instead hook up with your mates or, even better, get to know that cutie pie you’ve got your eye on… And, no, we’re not talking about buying discounted Easter cakes at the supermarket, you cheapskate

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Taurus is welcoming the Sun into its backyard, which means Leo is about to get the gravy. If you’ve always felt like the bridesmaid, never the brizedilla, now’s your time to shine. Just be determined. If you are, the biggest of prizes will be yours with just a hair flip.

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Mercs is moving back into Aries, so it’s time to come out to the world as the hottest, most seductive and fun hunk of masculinity that ever landed on earth. You don’t have to be flawless to be hot. You just have to believe in yourself, so we’re here to remind you.

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Your relationship(s) are about to get red hot when the Sun burns up Taurus and sets your erotic house on fire. Don’t worry, that’s an astrological term, babes, we’re not talking about friction burns. Don’t rush any flirtations though. Instead, take time to enjoy the chase. Actually, sod it, just go for it!

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We’re afraid that Mercury’s move into Aries isn’t going to spice up your life. In fact, you’ll be sliding under a mountain of tedious paperwork if you’re not careful. Try to get some useful stuff done until the planets give you your life back next week.

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Mercury’s movements might be making things a bit weird for you. A friend might confess his love, or you might transform from a bitch to a butch without even trying. Just embrace the changes. After all, if we didn’t change we’d still be wearing nappies.

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Saturn is bringing surrender to you chart. Has something been weighing you down or wearing you out? If it has, then lay down the baggage. No amount of being right will ever feel as good as forgetting the stress that’s been making you miserable. Set yourself free, Caps.

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Pluto is going retro, so this week it’s all about the mystery. We’re not talking about playing games or teasing a bloke into thinking you’re interested. Instead, look at what you really desire. Maybe what you really need isn’t what you’ve been telling yourself you want.

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The Sun in Taurus means it’s time to face your destiny. Make sure you grab every networking opportunity this week because a meeting, text, email or glance could change your whole world without you even trying. Keep your eyes peels and your phone on vibrate.

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