Snapshot at The Hope Theatre: Review by Stephen Vowles

The premise of George Johnston’s Snapshot is actually a very clever one. Short sharp set pieces that eventually link together as the play unfolds and  by the use of a red light as if it is offering a warning that something is being developed akin to a darkroom then a burst a white light as the sequence begins. Director James McAndrew’s very tight direction adds to the 75 minutes of pure adrenaline-fuelled theatre. This is a play about one human controlling another, the power of sexual attraction and manipulation of human emotions. Like the speed of a camera shutter opening and closing Snapshot is performed by four very capable actors. Bruce Kitchener is Frank, a predatory sugar daddy who basically thinks he can pay to be unlonely. Zoe Labrakis is an equally predatory Olivia who won’t accept and believe she let the man of her dreams get away when he was going through his straight period. By sleeping with him again once he was in a relationship with boyfriend Daniel, played by Joey Akubeze, and gladly telling Daniel so, she is hoping that would have the desired effect of winning him back. Extra acting honours do have to go to Brian Martin as James whose performance is a profound one. His performance is a strong one and clearly acts as the lynchpin as his role plays out. The need for acceptance, belief that relationships are important and should not be a power struggle and what could happen when you find yourself in a desperate situation, are all handled well in a play that clearly offers a snapshot on contemporary modern living. Four very good character studies superbly linked where recollections and the eventual outcome offer food for thought.


Snapshot runs to the 10th June at the Hope Theatre. Box office 0333 666 3366

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