Sirens of the Silver Screen starring Beth Burrows, Upstairs at the Gatehouse: Review by Stephen Vowles

Homage, tribute, interpretation but not impersonation, Beth Burrows’ one woman show Sirens of the Silver Screen, directed by Mark Giesser, is an accomplished and well executed piece of musical theatre which has a charm and delicate sophistication to it that warrants a firm thumbs up. As the house lights dimmed and Beth’s pianist Bobby Goulder and double bass player Doug Grannell took their places, three pairs of shoes are revealed: A silver pair for Marilyn Monroe, a classic black, chic, small stiletto for Audrey Hepburn and ruby slippers for Judy Garland. So the immediate question is raised “Can these shoes be filled?” and this clever and witty use of metaphor gets a very quick and precise answer,“Yes!”. Beth takes her three Sirens – these wonderful women – stripping back their respective psyches to the bare bones. Via the use of video playback featuring the real life women we are taken on a journey that beautifully showcases the traits and qualities that the original Garland, Hepburn and Monroe had.

Beth is clearly an artist in her own right and it’s her ardent passion that is so sincere. Her performance clearly demonstrates the admiration she holds for these women. She inhabits the three roles with ease. The spirits of the three stars course through her veins and the result is that she has re-created her heroines – and we can only rejoice in that.

The musical numbers featured include Rainbow, Trolley Song, Man That Got Away for Judy, S’Wonderful and Moon River for Audrey and Diamonds and Everybody Needs A Daddy for Marilyn. They are of course all relevant, poignant and performed with a polished delivery. Beth has an empathy with the three which added to the magic of the night. A fitting way to remind an audience how unique and complex these Sirens were. Stylish entertainment.


Sirens of the Silver Screen starring Beth Burrows runs to the 18th November at the Upstairs at the Gatehouse, Highgate London, N6 4BD. Box office: 020 8340 3488.

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