Simply Barbra at Christmas in Leicester Square: Review by Stephen Vowles 

This is an earnest tribute by Steven Brinberg to Barbra Streisand, one of the biggest talents of the 20th century. Brinberg is perfect – and this is not drag. As the house lights dim there is an audible intake of breath as he matches Streisland note for note, gesture for gesture, the way he touches his hair, the way he holds the microphone – where the beautiful french tip manicure can be clearly seen at the end of his finger nails. The show proves that Brinberg is also an expert on the lady quoting dates and so on with an air of cockiness that is both very funny and touching. The songs are obviously Christmas songs, then it’s the songs from her movies The Way We Were, Hello Dolly, On a Clear Day, A Star is Born.

Brinberg’s performance is hugely emotional showcasing his extensive knowledge of the star’s songbook and when it comes to the facts about Streisand’s marriages, he revels in the comedy of the information he bestows. Part of the Streisand legend is that some of the first words she uttered on screen were the now famous remark “Hello Gorgeous” – well Mr Brinberg can apply that accolade to his own act. Gorgeous he was; a versatile vocalist of the highest order and accompanied by Mr Michael Ferrari on keyboards.


Simply Barbra was on 8th December as part of the Christmas in Leicester Square season.

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