Shopping: Fetish with MEO

MEO is the German mail order business for men into fetish. Under the slogan “MEO makes you come” the company has an unsurpassed high quality selection from areas like SM, bondage, fetish including latex, leather, watersports, medical, toys and chastity and covers all “the needs of the modern man”. Here’s a selection of choice products to enliven your sex life.

Dr Sado’s “The Hole” Ring Speculum

This anal spreader is for extreme anal stretching. It spreads continuously from around 20mm to 90mm. Crafted from stainless steel this can be used with all lubricating gels and is perfect for dildo use.

RUSH Extreme Poppers Inhaler

Gone are the days when you had to hold the poppers bottle under your nose. The RUSH Poppers Inhaler not only revolutionises use but also intensifies the effect many times over. To use you insert a poppers absorber into each of the inhaler pens and then pour the poppers onto the two absorbers until they are completely soaked.

EXTREME spray – Anal sex that’s free from pain

This anal relaxant spray is the perfect choice for anal sex novices and for pro-users of big sex toys.  It nourishes the skin and relaxes the rectum in no time. EXTREMEO acts without loss of sensation, decreases the painful sensitivity of the sphincter muscle, and helps you to unrestrained sexual ecstasy. Suitable for fisting.

Ass Grommet

The Ass Grommet from MEO keeps your asshole wide open, guarantees extreme sensations and lastingly stretches your hole with clearly visible results. Being so exposed is just great! Whether you are a beginner or an advanced user, the Ass Grommet ensures long-lasting, clearly visible results. Can be worn for extended periods. The velvety smooth surface makes it easy to insert into the anus and the special shape ensures a secure fit.

You can check out all these products and the full range of MEO sex products covering all fetishes at meo.de. Your order will be handled discreetly and sent to you in neutral packaging. You usually receive your shipment in Europe in a few days at reasonable shipping rates.

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