Shopping: Clonezone getting ready for Pride

Pride in London is only four weeks away and it’s the perfect event to showcase your queerness to the capital. Here, Clonezone’s Communications and PR Manager, Topher Taylor, suggests some items to get you Pride ready.

Are you ready for Pride in London 2018? This amazing day creeps up on us every year and we’ve made a promise to ourselves in the Clonezone offices that we’ll actually be prepared this time. No last-minute rushing around.
Being based on Old Compton Street, we are in the heart of the action during Pride and we enjoy every single minute of it. We get to see people doing their last-minute outfit shopping, all the gossip before, during and after the day – as well as getting to celebrate this momentous day with our loyal customers. We’ve survived as a gay business thanks to our amazing customer base, so what better day to celebrate with them?
With Pride in mind, I’ve thought up some of our exciting new gear that you may want to wear to show off in. Dressing provocatively during pride is a provocative subject within itself, as some suggest that this cheapens or takes away from the importance of the day. Personally, I disagree. This is a day for you to express your queer identify more than ever. If that means wearing a chain harness and running up and down Wardour Street lip-syncing Madonna, then YOU DO YOU.
Here I suggest a few ‘outfit toppers’ that I think you should take into considering for 7 July in Soho and 8 July in Vauxhall Park for UK Black Pride.

Griff X Chain Harnesses

The X harness was designed to empower the wearer, amp-up your fetish outfit and give the guys in the club something to salivate over. The flawless metal reacts to hot and cold perfectly, giving your senses a treat as you walk, dance and fuck. This incredible piece of gear has been handmade with love by the BDSM experts at Griff. We are so excited to bring it to you at Clonezone.

Leader outfits

These outfits come in luxurious materials in bold, refreshing colour ways. A perfect way to be stand out from the crowd and become a colour of the rainbow. We adore Leader Born To Lead This fashion-forward label is an affordable luxury clothing brand, inspired by the Barcelona lifestyle. All of their sexy product is made with loving care and promote a happy and successful lifestyle, which encourage positive impacts on the planet and the lives that inhabit it. Be proud of yourself – you are a LEADER.

Master of the House pins

Master of the House transform erotic images and fantasies into wearable pieces of designer art. These stunning black and gold pins explore different avenues of kink and sexual pleasure. They’re highly desirable, of luxurious quality and we were very excited to invite this stunning brand into the Clonezone family.


Breedwell glow gear has arrived at Clonezone. This incredible brand has taken fetish fashion into the future with rechargeable (by USB) LED harnessesjockspouches and accessories. Select from your colour code of choice (or rainbow) and get ready to light up every f*cking room you walk into. These high-quality, flexible pieces give you everything you need to get attention, stand out and feel good.

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