Sex Shells at the Soho Theatre: Press night review by Stephen Vowles 

Vibrant and immediately intriguing, Sex Shells is a rather naughty and phenomenal piece of abstract cabaret theatre created by the fantastic trio of Dr Adam Perchard, That Woman Rosie and Calum from Hull. If you want to feel better about the world this will do that adding a certain sparkle to your demeanour and sense of well being. This is an explosion of original music, some parodies and sketches. This is also one of the best queer musicals comedy shows doing the rounds at the moment, resplendent in it originality.

Dr Adam Perchard, who by his own admission is super smart and completely mad, a facet to his character he gladly explains makes him tick and he has to be adored for being so. His singing voice, opera trained, is polished with superb phrasing and he blends the notes with the style of a crooner akin to Sinatra.

That Woman Rosie can belt out a number and Calum from Hull is a huge talent with his extraordinary powerhouse vocals demonstrating a huge range, this sixty minutes of Crimbo fun is impressive with its ardent attempt to raise a chuckle and tickle your funny bone. 

Fresh and fruity and frantic in parts, the show looks at drug culture, politics, class, society, snobbery and religion. Nothing is left out. Highlights being a reworking of “I Will Survive” and an original song “God is Gay”, extremely witty and funny. 

Boris Johnson gets a right roasting and this is to be expected – timely and right on the money. This is crude, rude and fabulous entertainment. Looking at the pressure of trying to live a sane and productive life; the song about the perils of using a supermarket check-out and the possibility that could lead to a nervous breakdown was a true gem. Observational comedy at its best. Truly original and highly recommended.

Photos by Denelle + Tom Ellis


Sex Shells runs to 28 December at the Soho Theatre, 21 Dean Street, Soho London W1D 3NE. Box office: 020 7478 0100 

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