Sacred Monster starring Billy Lykken and Rick Skye is Liza Minnelli Live! at Live at Zedel: Review by Stephen Vowles

Crazy Coqs and Live at Zedel continue to stage shows that are superb and extremely entertaining and none more so than Sacred Monster starring Billy Lykken and Rick Skye as Liza Live! In Concert. This double whammy of pure glitz and pizzazz features both artists giving their all with 70 minute individual sets and a duet. 

Both Lykken and Skye are so polished putting their own unique stamp on current pop songs and classics. Skye’s homage and pastiche of the real Liza is so perfect.

Each of them created ‘goose bump’ moments: Lykken performing Aretha Franklin’s Ain’t No Way and Skye’s delivery of songs from Cabaret. 

A better connection between artist and audience would be hard to find. These are two Torch Song Temptresses with their seamless, very clever delivery, impressive and chic. On occasion they are sentimental and schmaltzy, but why not? New York style cabaret comes to the heart of London.


Sacred Monster and Liza Live! run to Friday 10th August at Live at Zedel, 20 Sherwood Street, London W1F 7ED. Box office 020 7734 4888. 

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