Robert White, The Tank Top Tour at Leicester Square Theatre: Review by Stephen Vowles

Fresh from being a finalist in Britain’s Got Talent and using that as a launch pad, it’s very clear Mr White’s confidence has come on in leaps and bounds. Think of a mix between Tintin and a university brain box and you have Robert. His rambunctious, exuberant and fabulously boisterous nature is incredible. He is a man of many moods and the fact that he is so open about suffering from Asperger Syndrome – which is the fear of finding significant difficulty in social interaction and non verbal communication along with restricted and repetitive patterns of behaviour and interests – made his show even more lovely to watch.

His delivery is at full throttle and only pausing for breath to use his electric piano for song accompaniment and sound effects,  and with an overhead camera and large drawing pad as his props to get sight gags over. This is rude, crude and very clever plays on words with a poetic elegance to it that makes Robert a true original. Spontaneity is key with Robert White and this fluidity made every moment count. A true provoker of laughter. For this performance mention has to be made of Joe Bor who acted as warm up for Robert whose observational comedy on marriage, raising a child, social manners and Jewish tradition gave him an immediate rapport with the audience that set the tone for an evening of impressive, unique comedy antics. Glorious!


Robert White was reviewed on Wednesday 13th March at Leicester Square Theatre and is now on a National Tour through to April 2019.

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