Review: Nath Valvo, Happy Idiot at The Soho Theatre

Nath Valvo, Happy Idiot at The Soho Theatre

Nath Valvo is a very funny young comic who draws upon the best possible source of information for inspiration; his own life. From being a prefect at school wearing a uniform jacket that was deliberately too big for him, to also talking quite frankly about his relationship with his mother, Happy Idiot is full of anecdotes that are both endearing and heartfelt.

In his 65-minute stand up routine the speed of delivery of his dialogue is exceptionally rapid, precise and topical. Valvo is actually taking us on journey, about growing up in Melbourne from Italian stock and all the idiosyncratic behaviour that comes with that upbringing. He is a true original and self deprecating, as most good comics are. His outlook on life is a very positive one. This is also a well rehearsed routine and even when he tackles the subject of child abuse, which some may think taboo, he is actually making a well informed observational point.

His use of intrinsically placed audio sound bits heighten the comedy aspect of his show beautifully and as he paces the stage putting his body into positions to emphasis the gag you can’t help but enjoy this man’s talent. A wonderful Aussie export.

Nath Valvo: Happy Idiot ran from Thursday (12 Jan) until Saturday (21 Jan) at the Soho Theatre, 21 Dean Street, Soho, London, W1D 3NE

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