Reuben Kaye at the Soho Theatre

Cabaret performer extraordinaire Reuben Kaye has been described as beautiful, hilarious, knowing and wicked, and he’s bringing his show
to the Soho Theatre for two weeks from Monday 4 June. Dave Cross found out more.

Hello Reuben, how would you describe what you do on stage?

How do you catch a moonbeam? How do you describe the majesty of a sunset? What is my PIN number? All questions to which I have no fucking idea. However, I do know my status, my cockring size and my blood type, so I’m good to go. Send in the Argentinian Men’s Water Polo Team!

How did you arrive at where you are now as a performer?

Ever since I was a little child and my mother tenderly implied that she loved me it’s been my dream to be on the stage, and now I’m here.

Can you tell us about the songs in the show?

I could be honest and say they’re cover versions, but seeing as it’s just between us let’s say I wrote them all. That way I have fun, the audience has fun and so do the copyright holders and their lawyers. (Note to self: I must get a lawyer…)

What can we expect at the Soho Theatre shows?

You can expect a cure for cancer, the solution to the systemic faults and abuses of the patriarchy the denuclearisation of the world, and a reversal of global warming. Just kidding. It’ll probably be me having a nervous breakdown. For two weeks. The magic of theatre!

The Soho Theatre, 21 Dean Street, W1.
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