Queen Mary is back at The RVT

Sunday Social is a brilliant mix of uplifting club tunes from some amazing DJs such as Simon Le Vans, Liam Chaplin and Sean Sirrs, and world-class cabaret from the likes of The DE Experience, Charlie Hides and Myra DuBois. This Sunday it’s the turn our our favourite wee Scottish lass, the gorgeous Mary Mac. Dave Cross had a catch up with the Lanzarote-based haggis herself.

Hey Mary, how has 2018 been so far for you? 

Hi Dave, 2018 has been really wonderful so far and super busy, which is always good. I’ve been working all over the country in some of my favourite bars and some new ones too. It’s lovely to take the haggis to new places and see new people, but of course I can’t resist returning to brilliant venues like Eagle Manchester and Eden Birmingham.

How is the weekly commute from Lanzarote going? 

It’s still madness every week, but I’m very lucky to be able to do it and I enjoy the jet set lifestyle. I know lots of the staff and crews at the airports, I’ve often been given a free four-finger Kit Kat and my tits aren’t stopped as customs as much anymore, so that’s a bonus.

There must be moments in the airport when you think ‘Am I in fact crazy?’ 

Usually on a Monday morning at around 5am, when I’m sitting waiting for my gate watching people drinking pints and prosecco with their Wetherspoons breakfast, I just giggle to myself at the weekend gone before. They are all hyped up ready for their holidays and I’m just glad to be heading home for a rest with the husband and the dog.

You’ve already done a lot of Pride events here and in Europe, why is it important to you to support these? 

Pride season this year’s been incredible, Sitges especially being a highlight, even though there was some drama. It’s important for me to support these as a performer because we have the privilege of having a platform to speak out and make ourselves seen for others who don’t have the chance or are maybe scared to. I love seeing kids and young people at Prides with their families, it really shows that the world is changing, too slowly in some places, but it is changing.

And Brighton Pride is fast approaching – that Legends Cabaret Tent is something special,
isn’t it? 

Everyone gets so excited about Brighton Pride every year and I have to thank my dear friend Lola Lasagne, the Big Top boss, for asking me to perform again this year. It’s an incredible atmosphere in the tent, the crowd are there for a whole day of cabaret and boy do they get it. Backstage is also a complete hoot, of course; it should be filmed one year for a documentary, although most of it wouldn’t be able to be aired.

Can we expect the infamous medley to have ‘evolved’ again this year?

The finishing touches are being made to the medley and as I’ve said lots this year at all my shows this time really is it! The track on my iPad is called ‘Mary Mac on the Floor – The Final Edition’. My poor back can’t handle it anymore and I have recurring nightmares of dropping dead during The Cheeky Girls, and that’s no way for anyone to go.

We are in the middle of the hottest summer for decades, yet I hear you’re writing a panto as you lie by the pool? 

Oh yes I am! This is my seventh year back at The Spa Centre, Leamington Spa, and my second year co-writing the show. We are doing Dick Whittington, which is very exciting as I’ve never done it before, so it’s really fresh and new. And I’m trying, when writing, to keep my Dick gags to a minimum, but it’s very hard.

Haha, we see what you did there. This Sunday you are back at The RVT for Sunday social, what does that mean to you? 

It’s almost two years since my first Sunday Social and I still can’t exactly explain what happens in that legendary building as the wonderful Simon Le Vans gives the five minute call to showtime and the buzz really starts to build. You can feel the atmosphere before you’ve even stepped onstage and then once you’re on it’s a crazy, loving, unpredictable time between the act and the crowd. That all sounds really wanky and pretentious but it’s the truth and if you
don’t believe me get down for yourself and experience it.

You are on rotation there with three other acts, I can’t remember their names, does that affect your act? Do you think about what other people do there?

I used to think a lot about what other acts can do, what they are good at that I’m not, and then realised quite quickly it’s pointless. You have to focus on what you know you’re good at, take some risks and push yourself, but never try to be anyone else. I love watching other queens and now I can just watch them without thinking about everything they’re doing. I sit and howl at Myra, actually howl, and anytime I get the chance to see The DE Experience I sit in awe of the stunning vocals and the unbreakable bond he has with his audience. And of course it gives Charlie a chance to prove that he can move his legs while performing.

What are your plans for the rest of the year? 

The rest of the year I’ll be swinging my haggis all over the country as always, panto is very quickly approaching, already planning 2019 dates, including a return to Scotland. And sometime before Christmas I have to fit in our wedding too; maybe in between a spot at Halfway and the Brewers, Sandra can officiate, with Miss Jason as the flower girl, obviously. Buy a hat Dave, your invite’s in the post.

Sunday Social is at the Royal Vauxhall Tavern, 372 Kennington Lane, Vauxhall, SE11.

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