Pride in London

Pride in London 2018: Our 10 LGBT+ cover stars talk about why #PrideMatters

For our Pride in London cover we invited a group of 10 people from the LGBT+ community who will be working or performing or just partying over the weekend, and asked them why Pride matters in 2018.

Chris Gibson

Marching for XXL

“For me, Pride has always been about coming together, being proud of what I am and having fun. I will be in the Parade supporting XXL, which I’m extremely proud to be a part of. However big or small, there’s only one size when it comes to clubbing, and that’s XXL! One club fits all, as they say, and I intend to continue my Pride celebrations there on Saturday night.”


From the Royal Vauxhall Tavern

“The Prides in the 80s and 90s were amazing! We all came together to make a difference to make people see us and to change laws. Pride now is a celebration of the freedom we have. We should also use Pride to look at our own community – in some ways we are more divided than ever before – and to also look at countries around the world that don’t have the freedom we have, and try to change that. This Pride night I’ll be at The RVT for Duckie where they’re opening up the nearby tunnel to party in, and of course I’ll be at Sunday Social from 3pm the following day.”

Heidi Liscious

DJing at the Duke of Wellington 

“Pride shows the world it’s not only OK, but it’s spectacular to be whoever you want to be. Come out! Come celebrate! It makes a difference. And come see me on the decks at the Duke of Wellington from 3pm. I’ll be the one in rainbows.”

Seann Miley Moore

Performing at the Two Brewers

“Pride is so important because in today’s crazy world there is such divide among groups of us. Pride is for everyone who live their lives authentically proud and with positivity. A place where you can express yourself and be who you are. Especially as a queer artist and queer person, it is important to live your Pride every single day. Let your fabulousity shine and that fearlessness inspire those to live their best. This Pride I’ll be performing at The Bunker theatre as I am starring in GUY: A New Musical, a new queer electro pop musical by Leoe & Hyde. And also I’ll be singing my pop set at the Two Brewers at 11.30pm.”

Issy Lucy

Working at Halfway II Heaven

“I’m pleased to report I’ll be at Halfway all day on Saturday. I’m proud to work at a venue that celebrates community in abundance. With so much work still to do I hope this year’s Pride is as magnificent as always and helps us move forward, allowing people to live life without persecution. Love always wins.”

Charlie Hides

Performing at the White Swan

“Pride is important because my LGBTQI+ brothers and sisters and queer family are still being discriminated against, physically attacked, kicked out of their homes and more. The rhetoric of Donald Trump and his followers has empowered bigots and hate mongers who believe that we are inferior to them and less deserving of basic human rights. After many years of social advances it feels like we are moving backwards.  This is a time to reflect on what we’ve achieved and commit to working harder, particularly for the most vulnerable members of our family. On Pride night I’ll be celebrating at Central Station in King’s Cross and at the White Swan in Limehouse.”


Working at Ku Bar

“Pride matters because it is empowering and calls for acceptance. Many people today are still attacked for their sexual orientation or gender identity and Pride shows that our rights are valid and that they should not be taken for granted. Every Pride is a celebration towards diversity and the hardships our community has conquered over the last few decades.

“You can find me at Ku Bar this Saturday, of course, serving you all sorts of delicious drinks. We’re doing a complete ‘Diamonds’ theme this year too, so expect outfits like no other! I will be out celebrating loud and proud as it is a day for celebrating not only the community but also our true, authentic selves.”

Busty & Ginger

Pride’s Got Talent Cabaret winners 2018 

“Hi, we’re Busty & Ginger, winners of this year’s Pride’s Got Talent Cabaret! We’ve felt like outsiders in the past but becoming a part of the Pride family has enabled us to feel accepted and loved, allowing us to love the parts of ourselves we once tried to hide. We believe Pride is important because we want everybody to be loved and accepted and feel like they can embrace themselves. Catch us at Pride in London on the Trafalgar Square Main Stage at 4pm! Much love, B&J.”

Lamont Rickets aka L.M.R 

Pride’s Got Talent Music winner 2018

“Pride is important to me as it’s a massive celebration of diversity and inclusiveness, which isn’t very easy to find just anywhere. In my past I’ve always been myself but not to the full extent I would have liked to be, but becoming a part of the Pride in London community has not only allowed me to express myself to the absolute fullest, but to see the star that I am. Pride is the one day that you can be your true, authentic self without the fear of judgement or isolation. I will be performing on the Trafalgar Square stage at 6.10pm – I am the warm up act for the headline celebrity appearance, so you better keep your eyes peeled! Side note: catch me on the same stage at 5.45pm appearing in Sinitta’s performance of her new LGBT anthem ‘Shine With Pride’.”

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