Praise the Lord! Adam & Eve & Steve at the King’s Head Theatre

Adam & Eve and Steve won Best New Musical at the Hollywood Fringe 2015 and last year enjoyed huge success at the Edinburgh Festival. Now it’s arriving in London at the King’s Head Theatre, so we spoke with director and choreographer Francesca Goodridge ahead of the show’s five-week run.

Sum up what the show is about. 

God’s plan to create Adam and Eve goes deliciously wrong when the mischievous Beelzebub interferes, and God creates Steve instead of Eve. Adam is delighted with Steve – who thinks he is a woman called St. Eve – and all is harmonious until the two new BFFs are confronted by Eve herself. A ménage a trois for the modern era ensues and the future of humankind hangs in the balance as everyman Adam, loveable OTT Steve and jealous Eve try to sort out their tangled emotions.

We hear it had a great run in Edinburgh last August… 

We had a crazy time at Edinburgh! It was so much fun getting to perform there every night, and meet other shows and performers on the mile. Edinburgh is known for its 24 hour, nonstop performances and antics and we most definitely made the most of it, on and off stage!

Why has this show been fun to direct and choreograph?

It’s been great fun to work with the same cast from Edinburgh to London. I think we created something really special in Edinburgh and all had such fun doing it, so to be able to now fine tune that and bring it to a London stage is a really exciting venture. The music is so catchy and wonderful, and the script is witty and will no doubt have the audience laughing and singing along. It’s been a total joy to direct and choreograph such a heartfelt, fun show. I can honestly say we haven’t stopped laughing in rehearsals, which is just what you want from a show you’ve already done once and are re-rehearsing!

What’s your favourite part of the show and why?

It’s so hard to choose. My favourite musical number is I’d Rather Be Dancing, which is a fast paced, hilarious song with some quick choreography, and probably the number that gets Adam, Eve and Steve’s hearts racing the most. The cast just give it their all so much in this song, I can’t help smiling the whole way through. Although it’s quite a special moment when God makes his brief but epic appearance to do a rather dashing soft shoe number with Beelzebub. You’ll have to see it to believe it…

Could you ever see yourself in a ménage a trois?

Would that mean double the birthday and Christmas presents? They do say two hands are better than one…

And finally, why should readers come and see this show?

Adam & Eve and Steve has got heart, laughs, wonderful music, and most importantly it’s got such a ridiculously talented cast that you’d be a fool to not witness them bringing this biblical twist to life – in their leafy briefs!

Adam & Eve and Steve makes its five-week London debut from Tuesday (21 Mar) until 29 April at the King’s Head Theatre, 115 Upper Street, Islington, London, N1 1QN. For tickets, book via

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