Opening Times: Lady Lloyd’s Rodeo at The Welly

Daniel Warner talks to Lady Lloyd about her new Rodeo residency at The Duke of Wellington and also asks her what (and who) she’s planning on doing for Valentine’s Day. So if this is your first time at the Rodeo, hold on to your hats and buckle up boys because it promises to be one hell of a bumpy ride…

Hello gorgeous! Tell me a bit about your new night Rodeo at The Duke of Wellington?

I’ve cleared my OnlyFans commitments the first two Saturdays of every month to join the gang down at The Welly. I’ve been a customer of The Welly for years and we’ve wanted to do something for a while now. Oliver the manager has really made it a happening spot, and with ever dwindling Soho spaces it is great that he is putting on DJs and entertainment. You’ve got the super popular Busy Lady Bingo, Vanity Von Glow does cabaret and there are DJs every weekend including myself, Holestar and David Robson. It’s great that The Welly is not just ticking over with a Spotify playlist as so many places do these days.

This is true, we should all take our cowboy hats off to The Welly! What can we expect from a night at Rodeo?

I suppose it’s a little bit more updated than you may be expecting from The Welly? I can’t bear playing the same things over and over so have to be constantly updating my playlists. So all the latest and greatest pop tunes will be there. My current favourite artist is Rosalia. I was never much a fan of the 80’s, so I love that as we go on to a new decade the music I grew up with has become the ‘Classics’, so you can expect lots of 90’s and 00’s superhits too.

I’m definitely up for a bit of 90’s and 00’s nostalgia. What do you think makes the crowd different at The Welly to your other nights?

The great thing about The Welly, especially at the weekends is that it has its own crowd and is always packed. Which means it’s not down to me to fill it with my usual reprobates. I get to play to new faces who ain’t bored of my shit! It’s been really, really great fun so far.

Now we’ve had a chat about the business part, can I ask you some questions about your own business? I want to know what your plans are for Valentine’s Day this year?

Every day is Valentine’s Day when you are a whore! ‘Giving is Receiving’.

OK, so with that in mind, who’s your ideal Valentine?

Lenny Kravitz. He’s not scared of a Rick Owens platform boot and a cock ring AND I can swap beauty tips with the daughter Zoë.

Yes, Lenny would definitely be at the top of my Valentine’s list too. What’s the best Valentine’s gift you’ve ever had?

I don’t know if I’ve ever had one? I’m not much one for sentiment. It’s all a bit juvenile isn’t it? Sorry. . . 

OK then, you’re obviously not the most romantic cowgirl in the world so tell me about the worst?

Oh well actually, once, this was when I was still living at my parents, a package arrived to me with a Valentine’s Day card which read, ‘To the boy who has everything’ and in the box was a fucking candle! A candle, wrapped in Christmas paper! Not even a Diptyque candle, I’m talking a Woolworths special. I never ever found out who sent that piece of garbage but the boy who has everything has a bastard candle I’m sure.

You have expensive tastes, that’s not a bad thing at all! You must have loads of secret Valentine’s out there (hopefully none of them are stalkers) so what would they have to do to impress you?

1. Look like Brad Pitt. 2. Be a rocket scientist 3. Have a car. Unlike Shania Twain I am not fussy when it comes to matters of the cock. 

Amen to that! So finally, what would you say to anyone who’s never been to Rodeo at The Welly?

I’d say what are you waiting for… it’s time to ride, baby!

Lady Lloyd runs Rodeo and rules The Duke of Wellington on the first and second Saturday of each month, it all kicks off at 9pm and goes on until late.

The Duke of Wellington, 77 Wardour Street, Soho, W1.

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