Next week at The RVT

The RVT hosts two fab events mid-week next week – Pop Horror steams into town with its Anti-Valentine’s Ball on Valentine’s night (14 Feb), and Dusty Limits is back on stage with his Absolute kUNST the following day (15 Feb). Both are huge. Both are very different. Here’s all you need to know.

Pop Horror’s Anti-Valentine’s Ball

Pop Horror is back in town at the RVT for its Anti-Valentine’s Ball on Wednesday (14 Feb) for a night of fun, frolics and debauchery brought to you by some of the darkest souls in the cabaret.

Get ready for a night of killer Cupids, cliche corner, dating disasters and more. It’s the perfect night out for mates, dates, lovers and haters – just leave the lovey dovey stuff at the door.

Pop Horror promoter, Paul Joseph, had this to say: “Our Anti-Valentine’s Ball is the perfect antidote to the romantic season. Guests can enjoy activities such as Speed Hating – where you find your most inappropriate match through a series of awkward questions, or our Damaged Goods Tombola – the game that proves that every winner loses. We’ve also got a cathartic Power Ballad Group Karaoke session. And we have a fantastic line up of performers ready to stick a twisted cabaret finger up to love, including Chloe Rose, Bethany Haven, Juliet Sugg, Evelyn Carnate, Lysander & Ben and Fruit, while our unholy trinity of hosts – Tracy Barlow, Rhys’ Pieces and Nurse Dysentery – will be managing the mayhem and making sure things never get soppy.

“One lucky punter will also get to participate in an onstage horror-themed Blind Hate gameshow with some very special surprise guests and Neil Prince will be joining us to spin some pop bangers and power ballad epics.

“Our Ball is the perfect night for the bitter hearted, lovelorn or couples who just don’t fancy spending Valentine’s night in an overcrowded bistro with a set menu. Our doors are open to mates, dates and reprobates, and we guarantee a Valentine’s night to remember.”

The fun starts at 7pm, shows and activities begin at 8pm, while booze and disco dancing is yours for the taking until 1am. Tickets are £7 in advance (£6 for early birds) via, otherwise it’s £10 on the door (£8 concessions).


Absolute kUNST

Dusty Limits, the ‘trailblazer’ of new cabaret (Time Out London), returns to the RVT for an evening of experimentation and delight next Thursday (15 Feb).

Inspired by kUNST, the show that broke new ground in London cabaret (and featured artists such as Bourgeois & Maurice, Frisky and Mannish and Dickie Beau), Absolute kUNST will introduce new stars of cabaret and performance, bring some legends to the stage, and keep you out of trouble with all sorts of interactive shenanigans.

There will be games, there will be politics, and there will be a best-dressed competition for anyone who evokes art in all its forms.

Host Dusty Limits told Boyz, “Absolute kUNST is a night dedicated to the art of cabaret in all its glorious forms. There will be me, of course, singing some of my original songs with Michael Roulston, and then three guests. Laura Moody is a kind of musical mad scientist who does incredible things with just a cello and her voice. Ruby Wednesday is a cabaret rockstar, who sings, dances, lip syncs and combines elements of genderfuck, performance art and (sometimes) fire. Glory Pearl, aka The Naked Stand-Up, is a burlesque maverick who writes brilliant poetry and comedy, all delivered au naturel. We’ll also have a best-dressed competition for anyone who turns up as a work-of-art (interpret that how you like) and there’ll be a chance for the audience to make some art of their own.

“If all that sounds a bit earnest, let me stress it’s very tongue-in-cheek. And if you stay on after the show, you can dance to the Random Shuffle Crew’s night, Mish-Mash, which uses dance music from the 19th century to last week. (NB: the Random Shuffle Crew is just me, pressing buttons I don’t really understand, but he playlist is awesome).”

Door open at 7pm, show start at 8pm and tickets are £10 via

The Royal Vauxhall Tavern, 372 Kennington Lane, SE11 5HY.

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